Mrs. Campbell (née Pringle) was the great-grandmother of Elizabeth Grayson, grandmother of Mrs. Grayson and owner of the Evergreens.


Early lifeEdit

Miss Pringle was born in 1807 in Summerside to Mr. and Mrs. Pringle. She was raised along with other children of the large Pringle family.

Marriage with Mr. CampbellEdit

Miss Pringle married Mr. Campbell probably in the late 1820s or early 1830s. They had probably only one child who was one of the parents of Mrs. Grayson.

A few years later, Mr. Campbell died and she became a widow.

Later lifeEdit

Mrs. Campbell's child and their spouse died and left their daughter to Mrs. Campbell.

"She was a granddaughter of Mrs. Campbell, who brought her up also... Her parents being dead."
Anne Shirley about Elizabeth Grayson's mother.

Mrs. Campbell brought her granddaughter up. She married Pierce Grayson, Yankee, and died after she gave birth to her daughter, Elizabeth. Pierce left Canada at once to take charge of a branch of his firm's business in Paris and sent the baby to old Mrs. Campbell.

Mrs. Campbell took care of Elizabeth. She and Martha Monkman made her go to bed in the dark, although she was afraid. She brought a dog who brought Dusty Miller to Windy Poplars.

Mrs. Campbell was a crotchety old lady, not pleasant nor pleasing. All things changed when Anne Shirley moved at Windy Poplars and became principal at Summerside High School. She let Elizabeth to went with Anne for a walk, borrowed her Memoirs and allowed Elizabeth to sing at a concert/program and visit Green Gables and Flying Cloud. Mrs. Campbell expressed little sorrow when Elizabeth departed with her father, Pierce.


Physical appearanceEdit

"She has a fine, sculptured old face that might have been a man's, with black eyes and black bushy brows under frosty hair. She has not quite eschewed all vain adornment of the body, for she wore large black onyx earrings that reached to her shoulders. "
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 7, Second Year

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