Mrs. Blewett was the wife of Peter Blewett, the mother of several children and the woman who wanted to adopt Anne Shirley.


Early lifeEdit

Mrs. Blewett was born in late 1830s probably in White Sands, Prince Edward Island. She was raised there and attended school. She was practical and didn't continue with studies at Queen's Academy.


She met Peter Blewett probably in school. They were courting in late 1850s and were married in early 1860s in White Sands. They settled down at Peter's farm where Mrs Blewett gave birth to their children.

Meeting AnneEdit

When Anne had been sent to Green Gables instead of a boy as anticipated by the Cuthbert siblings, Marilla Cuthbert decided to approach Mrs. Spencer about returning Anne or finding another place for her. Mrs. Spencer suggested Mrs. Blewett, who had been looking for someone to look after her many children. Upon meeting Mrs. Blewett, Anne's response was to immediately ask if any of the Blewett children were twins, which she was dismayed to learn was the case. During Mrs. Blewett's blunt appraisal of Anne and after hearing her intentions for the orphan to serve as little more than Mrs. Blewett's helper, Marilla informed Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Blewett that she would need time to reconsider letting Anne join Mrs. Blewett's household, but decided to herself that Anne should not go to Mrs. Blewett at all.


Physical appearanceEdit

"She knew Mrs. Peter Blewett only by sight as a small, shrewish-faced woman without an ounce of superfluous flesh on her bones."
Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 6[src]

Behind the scenesEdit


  • In the books, the number of her children is unknown. In the 1985 film, Sarah Spencer mentioned Mrs. Blewett already had ten children and was expecting an eleventh one.


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