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Mrs. Barry (née Murray) was the strict wife of George Barry and the over protective mother to Diana and Minnie May Barry.


Early life[]

Mrs. Barry was born sometime in 1840s in Newbridge to Mr. and Mrs. Murray. She was raised there along with her brother Charles. When she was six years old, she attended Newbridge school. Mrs. Barry was very traditional like most older women of Avonlea so she did not approve of Queen's Academy or Muriel Stacy.

Marriage with George Barry[]

In 1860s Mrs. Barry met George Barry and fell in love with him. They married probably in 1864. Aunt Atossa was worried all would not be well.

In February 1865 she gave birth to her eldest daughter, Diana, who inherited her looks and black hair. Mrs. Barry often worried that Diana read too much.

Eight years later, in 1874, her younger daughter Minnie May Barry was born.

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Mrs. Barry, according to Marilla Cuthbert and Rachel Lynde, was not a friendly character. She accused Anne of giving Diana red currant wine on purpose, although it was an accident.


Anne Shirley[]

When Anne arrived to Green Gables, she wanted to have a bosom friend. Diana Barry happened to live nearby and Marilla brought Anne over to see her. Marilla Cuthbert warned her not to 'say anything startling' because Mrs. Barry was a particular woman. Anne did her best and played with and became best friends with Diana.

When Diana was invited for tea to Green Gables, she drank currant wine mistaking it for raspberry cordial and Anne was blamed by Mrs. Barry. Anne did not mean to do it. She ran straight to Mrs. Barry and begged to be pardoned with tragic gestures and long words, but Mrs. Barry thought that she was lying.

After the currant wine incident, Mrs. Barry banned Diana from associating with Anne. But one winter night when Mrs. Barry was with her husband George Barry in Charlottetown, Minnie May was sick and Diana called on Anne for help as a last resort. Anne saved Minnie May's life. After this event, Mrs. Barry forgave Anne and allowed her to see Diana again. Mrs. Barry only wants what's best for her daughters.

Physical appearance[]

"She was a tall black-eyed, black-haired woman, with a very resolute mouth."
Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 12[src]

Behind the scenes[]


  • Mrs. Barry's maiden name was probably Murray. In Anne of Green Gables, Diana's cousins, the Murrays from Newbridge, came to a concert. In Anne of Avonlea, Diana mentioned that her uncle Charles lived in Newbridge, which means that he's part of the Murray family. He must be Mrs. Barry's brother, because George Barry was born and raised in Avonlea and had different surname.
  • Mrs. Barry might be related to Hester Murray, girl who lived in Newbridge and then moved to Boston, USA. When Hester returned home, married Jordan Gray and settled down in Avonlea, Mrs. Barry and Rachel Lynde often visited her and were the only ones close to her.
  • In the books, her first name is unknown, however, in some adaptions, she is called Elizabeth or Eliza.


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