Mr. Hammond was the husband of Mrs. Hammond, the father of several children, and a former guardian of Anne Shirley.


Prior to her arrival at Green Gables, Anne Shirley was placed in the household of Mr. Hammond. Though Anne does not explicitly speak ill of Mr. Hammond to her new family, it is revealed that Mr. Hammond subjected Anne to corporeal punishment, which continues to affect her psychologically. It was during one such beating that Mr. Hammond wound up having a fatal heart attack. His death resulted in Mrs. Hammond abandoning Anne at the St. Alban's Orphanage.

When Anne begins school in Avonlea, further details of her time at the Hammonds' household are revealed. When she and Diana witness Prissy Andrews and Mr. Phillips secretly meeting in the teacher's room at the schoolhouse, Anne suggests that Prissy may be acquainted with the "pet mouse" in Mr. Phillips' trousers. Anne innocently reveals to her peers that she learned that all men have a "pet mouse" in their trousers from time at the Hammonds, not realizing the term was a euphemism utilized by Mrs. Hammond to explain Mr. Hammond's behavior. Her comments result in rumours that damage Prissy's reputation and ostracizes Anne from the community.

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