Mr. Dunlop is one of the men who robbed Jerry Baynard in Charlottetown, and a con artist who became a boarder at Green Gables in order to scam the Avonlea residents.


Mr. Dunlop and Nathaniel appear towards the first season of Anne with an E as two unnamed men in Charlottetown who mug Jerry Baynard to steal the money he has received after selling the Cuthberts' horse. After their attack on Jerry, they discuss their plans in a coffee shop, where Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe are also having a discussion of their own. They decide to respond to the advertisement placed by Marilla Cuthbert to allow boarders at Green Gables. Dunlop and Nathaniel arrive separately at Green Gables as new boarders and acting as though they have never met.[1]

In the beginning of the second season, the two men have integrated themselves into the household at Green Gables. Jerry initially does not recognize the men were his attackers from Charlottetown, though he is wary of them. Dunlop works as a farmhand and appears to enjoy helping Anne and Marilla with baking. It is soon revealed that he and Dunlop are actually con artists, who pretend to find gold and encourage residents to invest in land claims through an American company where Nathaniel supposedly works as a geologist. Dunlop pretends to be an outsider who has no vested interest in the geologist's company to reinforce the apparent sincerity of Nathaniel's claim. Dunlop's true name is unknown; Nathaniel refers to Dunlop with the name "Jonesey" when they are speaking in confidence.[2][3]

However, during his time at Green Gables, Dunlop begins to genuinely enjoy living as a farmhand. His hopes are dashed when the scam is exposed and Anne and Marilla show they no longer trust him. Forced to flee from the residents, Dunlop attempts to break off his partnership with Nathaniel and use his share of the scam to live as an ordinary person. However, Nathaniel manages to push Dunlop in a deep hole at the site where Nathaniel had pretended to find gold, and proceeds to abandon his former partner. Dunlop is last seen being arrested by the Avonlea residents.[4]

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