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Montgomery "Monty" Dale was the son of Jasper and Olivia Dale, and the adoptive brother of Alicia.


Montgomery was born in the spring of 1907 but almost didn't survive his birth.[1]

In 1912, Monty left with his parents to England when Jasper accepted a position in the Royal Society.[2]

He returned with his mother and sister during the war to celebrate the holidays. Hetty was amused by Monty's intelligence and manner of speaking.[3]


Physical appearance[]


Behind the scenes[]


  • Bradley and Brandon Sewell portrayed Montgomery from Season 4 to Season 6 of Road to Avonlea (1990–1996).
  • Christopher and Jefferey Weedon took over the role of Montgomery for Season 7.
  • Asa Perlman played Montgomery in Happy Christmas, Miss King (1998).


  • The 2012 version of the official Road to Avonlea website described him this way: Montgomery Dale was born in the spring of 1907 to proud parents, Olivia and Jasper Dale. Montgomery’s birth was not without complications; he was born with a life-threading blocked airway, and was unable to breathe. After some quick thinking by his father Jasper, he was able to clear the blocked airway and Montgomery was able to breathe normally.

    In 1912 the Dales along with Montgomery and his adopted sister Alecia moved to England where Jasper had taken a position with the Royal Society. The Dales returned to Avonlea in 1914 during the War to celebrate Christmas with Hetty and the rest of the King family. Hetty found Montomgery’s new English accent amusing. He had grown quite a bit since she last saw him. He has become quite like his father, mild-mannered but intelligent with a very advanced vocabulary and speech. Shortly after the celebrations Montgomery returned home to England.


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