Miss Rogerson was a teacher who taught in Avonlea Sunday School.


Miss Rogerson was most likely born in Avonlea in 1820s or 1830s as she was considered a middle-aged lady in 1876.

She started teaching at Avonlea Sunday school in 1856. Twenty years later, Anne Shirley found herself in Miss Rogerson's class with nine other girls in it. Her teaching method was to read a question from the Church quarterly and then rigorously look at a girl she thought ought to answer the question.

"She looked very often at Anne, and Anne, thanks to Marilla’s drilling, answered promptly; but it may be questioned if she understood very much about either question or answer."
Anne of Green Gables[src]

Anne didn't think it was fair for Miss Rogerson to do all the asking and wanted to ask her something in return. In the end, she remained silent as she didn't think Miss Rogerson was her kindred spirit. Miss Rogerson then told Anne to learn the 19th paraphrase for the next Sunday and showed her the Cuthberts' pew.

Later Mrs. Allan took over a part of her teaching, including the teaching of Anne.

In 1882, Davy Keith and Milty Boulter were her students in Sunday school. Davy asked her where heaven was and the question offended her.

"She was cross anyhow, because when she'd asked us what Elijah left Elisha when he went to heaven Milty Boulter said, 'His old clo'es,' and us fellows all laughed before we thought."
—Davy Keith[src]


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