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Megan Follows is a Canadian actress, best known for her role as Anne Shirley in films by Kevin Sullivan.


Early life[]

Megan was born on March 14, 1968, in Toronto, Ontario, to Ted Follows and Dawn Greenhalgh as their youngest child. She was raised there along with her older siblings - brother Laurence and sisters Edwina and Samantha. Megan's parents were part of the founding members of Canada's summer theatre culture and Megan began acting as a toddler with her siblings.

Start of career[]

Megan's first acting job came at the age of nine, when she landed a spot in a commercial for Bell Canada. She was directed to make an impudent gesture out of a school bus window - like sticking out her tongue - but ended up making a rather obscene and adult gesture instead.

After her parents' divorce at the age of 11, Megan moved to Los Angeles to attend school and act. She quickly found steady work in Canada, appearing in a few TV series such as Matt and Jenny, The Mating Season, The Baxters and The Littlest Hobo, in which she guest-starred with her entire family in a two-part episode. She also starred in the short film Boys and Girls, which won an Academy Award for Best Short Subject.

Anne of Green Gables[]

Megan's breakthrough occurred when she was cast as Anne Shirley in the 1985 film Anne of Green Gables directed by Kevin Sullivan. The part of Anne was a coveted role that she won over 3,000 other young girls when director chose her despite early worries during the audition process that she might be too old for the part.

"It was not an easy character. She's iconic, so people think they know what she is, but she was multifaceted. She was not the appendage of a male character; she was number one. She had a lot of character defects that were fantastic to play. She had an uncontrollable temper; she was a compulsive talker; she had a rich fantasy life - all of which were products of the fact she was an orphan and raised in undesirable circumstances. And it is her intellect, her wit which turns that around and turns the community around. I think that is why that is why that story has had lasting power."
—Megan about her film character, Anne Shirley.

After Anne[]

Follows most recently starred as Catherine de Medici on Reign, a historical drama TV series based on the early life of Mary, Queen of Scots.


Year Title Role
1978–1979 A Gift to Last
1979–1980 Matt and Jenny Jenny Tanner
1980 Clare's Wish
The Mating Season Laura McLain
1980–1981 The Baxters Lucy Baxter
1981 The Olden Days Coat Sal
1981–1982 The Littlest Hobo Marti Kendall / Rose
1982 Jen's Place Jennifer
The Facts of Life Terry Largo
Hangin' In Cassie
1983 Boys and Girls Margaret
1984 Sons and Daughters Margaret
The Domestic Life Didi Crane
Hockey Night Cathy Yarrow
1985 Silver Bullet Jane Coslaw
Anne of Green Gables Anne Shirley
1986 Shattered If Your Kid's on Drugs Kim Wilson
Sin of Innocence Jenny Colleran
Comedy Factory Tina Jackson
1987 American Playhouse Anna Mae Morgan
Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel Anne Shirley
ABC Afterschool Specials Dana Sherman
1988 Inherit the Wind Rachel Brown
A Time of Destiny Irene
1989 Exposed
Champagne Charlie Louise Heidsick
The Ray Bradbury Theatre Aimee
Termini Station Micheline Dushane
1990 Deep Sleep Shelley
Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn Becky
The Nutcracker Prince Clara
1991 The Chase Gloria Whipple
Cry in the Wind: The Taking of Peggy Ann Peggy Ann Bradnick
1993 Romeo & Juliet Juliet
The Hidden Room Deanna Matthews
When Pigs Fly Kathleen
1993–1994 Second Changes Kate Benedict
1995 The Outer Limits Karen Ross
Murder, She Wrote Lila Nolan
1996 Under the Piano Rosetta Basilio
1997 Major Crime Joanie Wells
1998 Reluctant Angel Lisa/Cheryl
1999 Big Wolf on Campus Violet Thorne
2000 Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story Anne Blythe
Law & Order Megan Parnell
Made in Canada Adele of Beaver Creek / Mandy Forward
The Fugitive Paula Bennett
Family Law Nancy Quinn
2001 ER Christy Larkin
The X Files Kath McCready
The Division Science Teacher
Mentors Annie Oakley
2002 That's Life Stella
Someone Was Watching Kate
The Stork Derby Kate Harrington
Strong Medicine Dana's Doctor
Live to Air Narrator
2003 A Forreign Afair Lena
Threat Matrix Denise
2004 CSI: Criminal Scene Investigation Beth Darian
Plainsong Ella Guthrie
What Katy Did Cousin Helen
Open Heart Sherry Cardinal
Christmas Child Meg Davenport
2005 CSI: Miami Chloe Grand
Robson Arms Janice Keneally
Shania: A Life in Eight Albums Sharon Twain
Cold Case Maura Mulvaney
2006 Crossing Jordan Beth
Booky Makes Her Mark Francie Thomson
The Great Polar Bear Adventure Narrator/Cassie
2007 Breakfast with Scot Barbara Warren
Royal Canadian Air Farce
Booky & the Secret Santa Francie Thomson
2008 The Border Moira Davis
2009 Booky's Crush Francie Thomson
Lie to Me Lorraine Burch
Brothers & Sisters Maggie Stephens
Raising the Bar Reanne Chrisman
2009–2012 Heartland Lily Borden
2010 Pooka Rosey
2011 I Am Number Four Supermarket Cashier
House M.D. Jennifer Williams
2012 Longmire Alice Stewart
Where Are the Dolls Elizabeth
Hollywood Heights Beth
World Without End Maud
Flight of the Butterflies Narrator
2013 Bar None Tess Lavoir
2013–2017 Reign Catherine de Medici
2014 Hard Drive Barbara

Behind the scenes[]

  • Her name is pronounced Mee-gan.
  • Megan and her film character Anne Shirley both have birthdays in March.
  • Her hair is naturally light brown, so a combination of wigs and hair colouring was used to portray Anne's red hair in Anne of Green Gables.
  • In Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, four dresses were made for the scene when Anne falls into the mud but, Megan pulled off the stunt in one take.
  • Megan burned her corset in a bonefire after finish filming The Sequel because she was so tired of wearing one.
  • The reaction Anne has to seeing Green Gables in shambles in Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story is genuine. Megan had not seen the house since the previous movie, 12 years earlier, and the crew had to remind her that the house would look fine again.
  • She was offered a stunt double in The Continuing Story for her fall in the sand, but Megan is recorded having said "Oh, no, I can do a prat-fall quite well on my own, thank you".


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