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Matthew Cuthbert is the brother of Michael and Marilla Cuthbert, and the adoptive father of Anne Shirley-Cuthbert.


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Early life[]

Matthew Cuthbert was born on June 15, 1841, to Wilfred and Constance Cuthbert and was raised in Green Gables along his siblings Michael Cuthbert and Marilla Cuthbert. Matthew dropped out of school at a young age, due to the death of his older brother, which caused his mother to later get sick and shortly die as well.

Life with Anne[]

Due to his quiet nature, Matthew's first impression of Anne is unclear until Marilla refuses to keep her. Matthew reveals he is fond of Anne and persuades Marilla to give the girl a chance. This quick acceptance of Anne endears her to Matthew. At one point, Matthew goes against Marilla's and buys Anne a beautiful dress with puff sleeves. Towards the end of the first season, the Cuthberts run into financial trouble. Matthew suffers a heart attack shortly after learning the family may be ruined. Upon waking, Matthew goes into a cabinet to get a gun with the intention of committing suicide. Matthew thought that Marilla and Anne would be able to survive on the insurance money they would receive from his death. However, he is caught by Jeannie before he can take his life and collapses again. Matthew recovers well.

Physical appearance[]

He is a tall man with tanner skin than his sister, due to being outside all the time. He has wise sky-blue eyes that are identical to Marilla's eyes and has messy greyish brown hair that can't seem to be tamed.


Matthew is a kind and incredibly shy man. He is terribly afraid of women, with the exception of his sister Marilla and adoptive daughter Anne.


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Jerry Baynard[]

Matthew employs Jerry to work at Green Gables.

Marilla Cuthbert[]

Matthew and Marilla are brother and sister. They share a good bond with each other, although sometimes they get cross with each other.

Michael Cuthbert[]

Matthew's deceased brother.

Anne Shirley-Cuthbert[]

Matthew's adopted daughter. Matthew gave Anne a chance when she first arrived at Green Gables, even when Marilla did not. Matthew and Anne have a wonderful relationship, and only fought temporarily when Anne started addressing letters to a woman who was writing Matthew. Matthew always tried to do what is best for Anne, and he is always proud of her.


It is implied that Matthew and Jeannie might have had feelings for each other but due to the death of Matthew's brother and the situation with his mother, it never led anywhere. From there on, it was a "what if" aura between them, which Anne found intriguing since she was of the opinion that Matthew deserved love and a relationship.


Matthew is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means gift of God. Cuthbert is derived from the Old English word for famous and bright.

  • Matthew shares name with his father, Matthew Wilfred Cuthbert.

Behind the scenes[]



  • The CBC website describes him as, A pathologically shy man with a tender heart, Matthew’s broken spirit and zest for life is reinvigorated by his love for Anne.[1]
  • According to the Cuthbert family Bible, Matthew was born on June 15, 1841.


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