"She always seems to be smelling a bad smell, Aunt Susan. Not an unpleasant odour ... just a bad smell."
Susan Baker's niece[src]

Mary Maria Blythe was the cousin of John Blythe and Gilbert's "aunt" who came to visit Ingleside.


Early lifeEdit

Mary Maria was born on May 311845 somewhere on Prince Edward Island to Mr. and Mrs. Blythe. She was raised there and attended school. She was very practical and didn't continue with studies but never married.

Mary Maria moved to Charlottetown and lived there until her mother's death in the 1890s. When her beloved cousin John died, she decided to visit his only son Gilbert at his house Ingleside in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island.

Visit to InglesideEdit

"Our life revolves around what Aunt Mary Maria will think. I don't like to admit it, but it's true."
Anne about Mary Maria's lengthy stay at Ingleside[src]

Mary Maria was mean to Susan, the hired lady, saying that susan did not know her place and wore out her welcome quite quickly. Before long, everyone was sick of her, Gilbert was clannish and anne too polite to tell her that they wished she would leave. The only time she was nice was after Christmas dinner.


Mary Maria was often and easily offended. All the time, people offended her, yet not enough to leave. But then, Anne and Susan threw her a birthday party, for her 55th birthday.

The party was large and a success, except when the cake was brought out it had 55 on it, and the children brought out 55 yellow roses, since yellow roses were the only flowers she liked, she blew her top. Since apparently she didn't want to be reminded of her age, and now everyone knew how old she was. She accused anne of doing it as a personal insult and was so angry she finally left Ingleside.


Anne ShirleyEdit

Mary Maria always called her Annie but Anne couldn't stand it.

Diana BlytheEdit

Mary Maria was also difficult and mean to children, such as telling Di that maybe someday, if she was very good, her parents would like her as much as they liked Nan, even if she did have red hair. That made Gilbert angry, but she just said that she always thought they preferred Nan, and Di felt it. Nan and Di also named their ugliest doll after her and drowned it every time they were scolded by Mary Maria.

Physical appearanceEdit

"Miss Mary Maria Blythe was not ill-looking for a lady of fifty-five. She had what she believed were "aristocratic features," framed by always sleek grey crimps which seemed to insult daily Susan's spiky little knob of grey hair. She dressed very nicely, wore long jet earrings in her ears and fashionably high-boned net collars on her lean throat."
Anne of Ingleside, Chapter 4[src]


Mary is female given name of Hebrew origin and means beloved. Maria is female given name of Latin origin, the variant of Mary and also means beloved.


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