Marshall Elliott was the husband of Cornelia Bryant, the brother of Mary and Alexander Elliott, a good friend of Jim Boyd and the adoptive father of Mary Vance.


Early lifeEdit

Marshall was born in late 1830s or early 1840s in the over-harbour area of Four Winds, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Elliott. He was raised there along with his siblings Mary and Alexander and attended Four Winds school at the age of six. When he was ten, he met Captain Jim and befriended him.

Marshall decided to become a farmer as his father and he didn't continue with studies. He was born a Grit and supported the Liberal party.

In 1875, during an especially bitter general election, Marshall fought for his party and he was dead sure the Liberals would win, even swearing that he would cut his hair and shave if they did. However, they didn't, so Marshall stuck with his promise and let his beard and hair grow.

In 1891, the Liberals won, and he shaved his face and cut his hair.

"So sure that he got up at a public meeting and vowed that he wouldn't shave his face or cut his hair until the Grits were in power."
Captain Jim about Marshall.[src]

Marriage to Cornelia BryantEdit

"Oh, you won't lose me," said Miss Cornelia unsentimentally. "You don't suppose I would live over harbour with all those MacAllisters and Elliotts and Crawfords, do you? 'From the conceit of the Elliotts, the pride of the MacAllisters and the vain-glory of the Crawfords, good Lord deliver us.' Marshall is coming to live at my place. I'm sick and tired of hired men. That Jim Hastings I've got this summer is positively the worst of the species. He would drive anyone to getting married."
Cornelia Bryant about her future with Marshall[src]

Marshall and Cornelia were married before Christmas of 1892 and lived together in Cornelia's house which lay on the old harbour road "half way between the Glen and Four Winds Point". After Marshall moved in he "planted trees about it and set out a rose garden and a spruce hedge".[1]


Physical appearanceEdit

"He was a decidedly fine-looking person-tall, broad-shouldered, well-featured, with a Roman nose and frank grey eyes... But, flowing over his breast nearly to his knees, was a river of crinkly brown beard; and adown his back, beneath his commonplace felt hat, was a corresponding cascade of thick, wavy, brown hair."
Anne's House of Dreams, Chapter 9[src]


Marshall is a male given name of Old French origin and means caretaker of horses.

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