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Lynde's Hollow is the home of Rachel Lynde, Thomas Lynde, and their twelve children. Neighboured on the near side by Green Gables, Lynde's Hollow is a pretty residence.



The builder of Lynde's Hollow is unknown.


Rachel Lynde, the kind-hearted yet outspoken old lady of Avonlea, lived in Lynde's Hollow with her husband, Thomas Lynde, and their twelve children. After her children moved out, she continued to live at Lynde's Hollow with her husband until his death in 1883, when she decided to move in at Green Gables, where her friend Marilla Cuthbert lived.

Physical appearance[]

The physical appearance of Lynde's Hollow wasn't greatly described. However, it is known that Lynde's Hollow has many trees, is situated at the neck of Avonlea, has a road near by, and a stream that ran calmly past.


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