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"Lonely Hearts" is the second episode of Season 6 of Road to Avonlea and the 67th episode overall.


Avonlea prepares for the first Annual Bachelor Auction. After a misunderstanding, Alec informs Simon that Hetty will bid on him. Hetty however, has plans to bid on Clive Pettibone.


The episode starts with people bustling around in front of the White Sands Hotel, getting ready for a fundraiser and "bachelor auction." Muriel Stacey is teaching Davy and Dora a new dance called the turkey trot. When little Becky Lester comes along with her mother, Davy invites her to learn the dance with him, but Becky's mother says she can't and hurries her into the hotel with a basket of clothes that need washing.

Inside the hotel, Hetty and Rachel Lynde are getting the place decorated for that evening's festivities. Izzy Pettibone is distraught. A girl named Velma Bugle is following Felix all around. Izzy confides in Muriel Stacey, asking her whether it would be all right to bid on Felix in the bachelor auction. Muriel assures her she can go ahead and bid on Felix if she wants to!

Little Becky Lester also asks Muriel about bidding in the auction. She says she's got a certain young gentleman in mind, if she can afford him.

Simon Tremayne comes in and is irate to discover that people are decorating the inside of the hotel as well as the outside. Hetty and Muriel both try to calm him down. Simon marches into the kitchen, where the men who are going to be in the bachelor auction are preparing picnic baskets of food, and orders them out. Alec invites him to join them instead. Simon scoffs at the idea of a bachelor auction, but he doesn't make the men leave.

Hetty goes into Simon's office and argues with him about the new drapes he bought that she doesn't like. Then she goes outside and helps Muriel decorate. They end up talking about the bachelor auction. Muriel encourages Hetty to take a chance and bid on someone she likes...she's going to!

On the other side of the White Sands, Rachel Lynde expresses her feelings about the bachelor auction...she thinks it's ridiculous! Little Becky Lester tells two girls that she's going to the auction, but they say mean things about her clothes. Becky's father, Lionel, overhears and feels awful. He wants to get her a new dress, but his wife says no...they don't have any money for that. At home, Nat Lester (the oldest boy) talks about how rich he could get if he invested ten dollars in the cotton business.

Lionel still feels bad about Becky wanting a dress. Finally he takes a dress out of the mission clothes box next to the church to give to her.

At the Pettibone house, Izzy tells her father she's decided not to go to the auction. He's surprised because he thought she would be looking forward to it. Clive tries to figure out what's wrong, but Izzy won't tell him.

At the White Sands, when he thinks he's alone, Simon Tremayne practices waltzing with a broom. Meanwhile, at Rose Cottage, Hetty is waltzing with a mop.

The next day, Felix comes up to the general store, which has a new soda fountain. He says hello to Izzy, but she thinks he's just looking for Velma Bugle. They both go inside; Izzy sits glumly at the counter, and Felix pretends to read a magazine in the corner (but he's really looking at Izzy). At the soda counter, Nat Lester flirts with the girls who were mean to Becky the day before, Emma Bradley and Laura McDonald. The two girls get in an argument and leave.

Hetty is up on a ladder and loses her balance. Clive Pettibone catches her. Davey, Dora, and Rachel Lynde all see the incident and tell Hetty they think Clive is sweet on her. At the grocery counter, Clive asks Muriel for advice about Izzy. Muriel says Izzy most likely has a case of the jitters at the idea of having to bid on a boy. She tells Clive to feel free to consult her anytime. On the way out, he gives Hetty a bottle of lumbago liniment for her back, which was hurt when she fell off the ladder. Hetty thinks Clive must like her, for sure!

Little Wiley Lester comes up next to Izzy and asks if she's going to bid on his picnic basket. She tells him to go away. He won't, so she leaves. Velma Bugle comes up to Felix, who's still pretending to read a magazine, and asks him to share a soda with her, but he refuses.

Felix brings Simon Tremayne's lunch to him in his office and talks to him about why he's never gotten married. He asks if Simon knows how he can get one girl to stop liking him and another one to start. When Felix leaves, Simon looks mournfully at the curtains Hetty didn't like. Hetty's choice of now in the window.

Down in the kitchen, Pierre tells Felix that Simon Tremayne has the perfect woman for him right under his nose...Hetty King! Felix thinks that's ridiculous but Pierre says "opposites attract" is the first law of love. Meanwhile, Felix draws a heart on the flour-covered table and writes "Izzy" on it.

At home, Felix tells his parents Pierre's theory about Simon and Hetty. Janet laughs, but Alec thinks it's a possibility. Velma Bugle yoo-hoos for Felix from the front door, and Felix runs away and hides. Later, Alec and Janet find him in the barn. Felix says he's not going to the auction. He doesn't want to get stuck with Velma Bugle. Janet offers to outbid anyone else who bids on Felix's basket. Felix doesn't want to go on the social outing that follows the auction with his mother, though. So Janet says he can make dinner for her at home. Alec asks Janet to let him talk to Felix. When he and Felix were alone, Alec guesses correctly that it's Izzy that Felix really likes.

At her house, Izzy is playing the piano. Clive goes over to the White Sands to get something he's forgotten. Pierre asks if he'll drop off a list of the kitchen inventory at Rose Cottage for Hetty on his way home.

At Rose Cottage, Hetty is obviously thinking about Clive as she waltzes around with the liniment bottle while she sets the table for supper. She's surprised when Clive shows up at the door with the kitchen inventory and takes it the wrong way...she thinks he's making an excuse to come see her!

Finally the day of the auction arrives. Becky Lester is happy with the pink dress her father gave her until the two mean girls come up and Emma Bradley recognizes the dress as one her mother put in the mission box. She tells Becky her father stole it from the poor box for her. Becky goes off crying, and Izzy, who saw the whole thing, indignantly scolds Emma for being so cruel.

In the kitchen, Alec tells Simon that if he puts a picnic basket up for auction, Hetty may bid on it.

Little Becky Lester returns the pink dress to the poor box, wiping away tears.

Hetty and Alec meet outside the White Sands. Alec hints that there's a man who would like Hetty to bid on his basket, and Hetty thinks he's talking about Clive.

The auction starts. Dora Keith gets Wiley Lester's basket for ten cents. Becky Lester is hiding behind a sign, watching the auction; Izzy finds her and pulls her aside, saying she's gotten her a dress. Meanwhile, Rachel Lynde accidentally wins Pierre LaPierre's basket when she's waving to get Davy to come over to her. Becky Lester comes back (wearing a pretty blue dress) just in time to bid three cents for Davy's basket. Felix comes up, and Velma Bugle and Izzy both bid on his basket. Then Janet, who doesn't know Felix wants Izzy to win the basket, outbids both girls and gets the basket for a dollar. Felix and Izzy both look horribly disappointed. Emma Bradley and Laura McDonald pool their money to win Nat Lester's basket. Clive Pettibone's basket is up next, and both Muriel and Hetty start bidding on it. Alec and Simon are both surprised, and Simon goes back into the hotel with his basket. When Hetty realizes Muriel is the other bidder on Clive's basket, she drops out of the bidding and lets Muriel win it.

At King Farm, Felix is gloomily making dinner for his mother. Someone knocks at the door, and he thinks it's Velma Bugle. He goes to the door in a huff to get rid of her and is delighted to find not Velma but Izzy! Izzy says Felix's father told her Felix was making dinner for her.

At the dance that evening, Hetty and Simon seem to be the only ones without partners. They stand watching the dancing for a long time. Then Simon asks Hetty to dance. He ends up throwing out his back, and Hetty helps him to a sofa. Of course, they end up arguing again!


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Ashley Brown as Girl #3
  • Ashley Campbell as Girl #2
  • Julia Diamond as Laura MacDonald
  • Ann Holloway as Lady #1
  • Derek Keurvorst as Guest #1
  • Wendy Lavender as Lady #2
  • Michael Polley as Mr. Bugle
  • Susan St. Amand as Girl #1


Izzy Pettibone: I think she's skim milk trying to be cream.

Hetty King: Simon Tremayne's savvy regarding decoration could fit into one very small thimble.

Simon Tremayne: Madam, my soul is not up for discussion.

Simon Tremayne: I would rather put my head in a noose than have some lady bid on me as if I were a prize pig at the county fair.

Simon: Age has nothing to do with it, Davey Keith...bachelorhood is a state of mind.

Hetty: Muriel Stacy, you are a sly fox!

Muriel Stacey: Who knows... love may be just around the corner.

Hetty King: Have you ever...fallen in love?
Muriel Stacy: Well, no. But...I've stepped in it a few times.

Simon: Me? Aggravate you? You are the supreme aggravator of all time!

Velma Bugle: Felix! Wanna share a soda?
Felix King: No! I hate sodas.

Felix: How do you get one girl to stop liking you and another to start?
Simon: Felix my lad, that is a serious question. And if I knew the answer, I wouldn't be sitting here by my lonesome eating this French sheep dip. Take it back to Lapierre...tell him to send me something fit for human consumption.

Pierre Lapierre: Anyone who would rather eat blood pudding than coq au vin deserves to be lonely.

Alec: This might be hard for you to imagine, but I was once young myself about a hundred years ago. It's Izzy, am I right?
Felix: What difference does it make? Now will you leave me to die in peace?

Pierre: Beautiful food is like beautiful music. Each one is a symbol of love.

Simon: If you're looking for Felix, I believe he's outdoors with the other lunatics.

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