Lewis Allen was one of Anne Shirley's students at Summerside High School, the cousin of Teddy Armstrong and the nephew of James Armstrong.


Early lifeEdit

Lewis was born in 1873 in New Brunswick to George Allen and Mary Gardiner. They died when he was ten. Mary's cousin, Aunt Ida took him to Summerside, Prince Edward Island, but she died two years later.


During his studies at Summerside High School Lewis lived in boarding house. He was in Anne Shirley's class along with Sophy Sinclair, Jen and Myra Pringle and was one of her favourite students.

"Lewis Allen is paying for his board by doing housework at his boarding-house and isn't a bit ashamed of it."
Anne Shirley in her letter to Gilbert Blythe.

Lewis was a good student - he joined High School Dramatic Club and in September 1888 helped Anne canvass every family connected with the school for a subscription. They took Dawlish Road.

"Lewis will try to kill two birds with one stone, as he is competing for a prize offered by Country Homes for the best photograph of an attractive farmhouse. The prize is twenty-five dollars and that will mean a badly needed new suit and overcoat for Lewis."
—Anne Shirley

There they visited Armstrong House and met James and little Teddy Armstrong. Lewis photographed the house and the little boy. Three weeks later, Lewis showed Anne his photos. She saw that Teddy looked like Lewis at a young age. They visited James Armstrong and they found that Teddy was dead. Lewis had his photo ang gave it to sad father. Then they discovered that Lewis is Teddy's cousin and James's nephew.

"I want you to help me keep my promise to the Little Fellow. His place is empty. Come you and fill it."
James Armstrong to Lewis.

His uncle invited him to live with him, which Lewis agreed to. He finished Summerside High School and in September 1889 began his first and only year at Queen's. A year later, he attended McGill in Montreal and probably studied Arts there.


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Lewis is a male given name of English origin and means renowned fighter.

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