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Lavendar Irving (née Lewis) was the second wife of Stephen Irving, the step-mother of Paul Irving and the resident of Echo Lodge.


Early life[]

Lavendar was born in 1830s in Echo Lodge, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Lewis. She was raised there along with her three siblings. She attended West Grafton school at the age of six.

Engagement with Stephen Irving[]

Lavendar Lewis was a very pretty young woman in her day, with big brown eyes and a sweet, winsome smile. Tall Stephen Irving, a young man who lived in the same area as her, fell in love with her. Lavendar was engaged with Stephen, but the two quarrelled—leaving a mark on their lives forever.

Life at Echo Lodge[]

Lavendar Lewis could not be expected to remain young forever. Her mother died and she became lonely and she took in each of the Bowman girls, four in all, for help. Lavendar Lewis could not afford the wages of a grown up girl. When they reached sixteen, the girl would go to Boston, and Lavendar would take in the next daughter.

Charlotta was the first girl. Apparently, Mrs. Bowman had a weakness for fancy names. The other three girls had very fancy names, but Lavendar called them all "Charlotta", in numerical order. At the time of Anne of Avonlea, "Charlotta the Fourth" (Leonora Bowman) was living with Lavendar.

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry, sometime in 1883, happened upon Echo Lodge, when they took a wrong turning in an attempt to go to tea. Fortunately, Lavendar had a table all set for tea for three—the fact which revealed to a delighted Anne that Lavendar "imagined things too".

It was a friendship from the start. Though she had grown old outside, Lavendar was a girl at heart. Calling them "Anne" and "Diana" at once, the threesome had amazing amounts of fun together.

Anne Shirley, teacher at the time, asked Lavendar if she could bring a pupil of hers, ten-year-old Paul Irving, to see the lady. Anne was sure they would get on well together—and she was right. After his visit, Paul went home and wrote his father about "Miss Lavendar".

Marriage with Stephen Irving[]

Stephen Irving, upon recieving his beloved son's letter, decided straightaway to go to Avonlea, to visit his son, mother, and possibly Lavendar. He did—and Anne asked Lavendar if he could come visit—and Lavendar said yes—and Stephen visited—and asked Lavendar to marry him.

Yes was the answer Lavendar gave, and for a month there was a whirlwind of activity, in which Anne and Diana nearly lived at Echo Lodge. Charlotta the Fourth's large blue bows could be seen nearly everywhere at once, for the house must be cleaned and prepared, the bride's apparel to be reckoned with, and the pantry well stocked.

It was a happy wedding day in 1883, when Lavendar Lewis and Stephen Irving finally made up the quarrel of old.

Physical appearance[]

"She was a little lady with snow-white hair beautifully wavy and thick, and carefully arranged in becoming puffs and coils. Beneath it was an almost girlish face, pink cheeked and sweet lipped, with big soft brown eyes and dimples... actually dimples."
Anne of Avonlea, Chapter 21[src]



Charlotta the Fourth[]

Paul Irving[]

Stephen Irving[]

Anne Shirley[]


"I think her parents gave her the only right and fitting name that could possibly be given her. If they had been so blind as if to name her Elizabeth or Nellie or Muriel she must have been called Lavendar just the same, I think. It's so suggestive of sweetness and old-fashioned graces and 'silk attire'."
Anne Shirley to Diana Barry about Lavendar[src]

Lavendar is a female given name and also name of the flower and colour.

  • Lavendar was named so by her father, for when he was courting her mother, he slept between sheets that were scented of lavendar, and could think of nothing but her mother all night long.

Behind the scenes[]


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