A kindred spirit in the Anne of Green Gables series is someone who understands Anne Shirley very well, well enough to know what she is thinking.

Kindred SpiritsEdit

Matthew CuthbertEdit

Matthew Cuthbert was the first of the kindred spirits. He rarely talked but Anne knew what he was thinking most of the time and he knew her just as well. He was extremely lovely to Anne and gave her love. The best part about him is that he never noticed that Anne grew up. To him, Anne stayed young. After he died, Anne still felt loyal to him. This was an extremely hard time in Anne‘s life but no matter what she never forgot him.

Diana BarryEdit

Diana Barry was the second one. She was Anne's best friend and swore an oath to be eternal friends with her. She is not kindred enough to know what Anne was thinking, but she understood Anne as a friend and they told secrets to each other. They have never quarreled in the whole series.

Mrs. AllanEdit

Mrs. Allan, Reverend Allan's wife, was the third one. She was nice to Anne and she would give Anne advice.

Josephine BarryEdit

Josephine Barry, Diana's great-aunt, was the fourth one. At first she was grouchy, but after meeting Anne, she was charmed and delighted by her personality and became a kindred spirit.

Gilbert BlytheEdit

Gilbert Blythe was the fifth one. After Anne apologized, he became her close friend and eventually married her. At first Anne didn't think he was the right one for her, but realized it when he was critically ill from typhoid fever. He was very patient and waited a long time before they could marry.

Mr. HarrisonEdit

James A. Harrison was the sixth one. At first he was cross with Anne because her cow got into his oats. Later Anne apologized and he forgave her and chatted with her often.

Paul IrvingEdit

Paul Irving was the seventh one. Anne was instantly charmed by his imagination and knew he was a kindred spirit. He had imaginary rock people when he was young, but began to outgrow them when he was thirteen.

Jim BoydEdit

Jim Boyd was the eighth one. As Anne and he saw to the first look they know that they are kindred spirits.

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