Ka'kwet is a member of Mi'kmaq nation, the daughter of Aluk and Oqwatnuk, and the older sister of Kitpu and Mimikej.


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  • The CBC website describes her as, A pretty young Mi’kmaq girl whose bright, adventurous nature identifies her as a kindred spirit to Anne. The two girls become fast friends, but Ka’kwet and her community are faced with danger as their way of life is increasingly under attack .[2]
  • The casting call describes Ka'kwet as, Indigenous. About 10, she’s an independent, confident, and determined pretty young woman. She has a basic command of English. A kindred spirit to Anne, she is outspoken in her passion. A protector of the small and lover of nature.[3]


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Season 3 (Anne with an E)


  1. In "Great and Sudden Change" it is revealed that she is around 12. That episode takes place in July 1899.

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