"She was thinking of little Joyce's grave in the old burying-ground over-harbour—little Joyce who would have been a woman now, had she lived—"
—Her mother's thoughts during World War I[src]

Joyce "Joy" Blythe was the eldest daughter of Anne and Gilbert Blythe and the older sister of Jem, Walter, Nan, Di, Shirley and Rilla Blythe.


Birth and deathEdit

Anne was extremely excited for the birth of her first child, Joyce. Marilla Cuthbert, Rachel Lynde, Captain Jim, Leslie West, and Gilbert Blythe were also excited and looked forward to the little one's arrival. Disappointment struck harshly, however, and the baby girl lived from "Dawn to Dusk." Her death was greatly mourned by the above mentioned friends of Anne. She was buried in a beautiful nightgown made by Leslie, in the little over-harbour graveyard, where Captain Jim was later buried. Anne, weighed down with grief, was unwell for a long time after Joyce's death, as she almost died with her. Anne was forced to rest often.


Anne ShirleyEdit

Anne, the mother of Joyce, anticipated her daughter's birth greatly. She was bitterly heartbroken when Joyce died, and was never the same again.

Gilbert BlytheEdit

Gilbert was the father of Joyce, he was very happy when she was born. He was so very sad when Joyce died, and looked after Anne in her time of sadness.

Physical appearanceEdit

Joyce was pale and sweet. She had her mother's big eyes. Joyce did not have hair at that time, so we will never know if it has like her mothers or fathers.


Joyce is a female given name of Latin origin and means lord

  • It also means to rejoice - Joyce's mother, Anne, named her thus because she was overjoyed to have a child.

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