Josie Pye is a student of Avonlea school, and a friend of Jane Andrews, Ruby Gillis, Diana Barry and Tillie Boulter.


Physical appearanceEdit

Josie has long blonde hair, blue eyes and a classically beautiful face. She wears dresses and ribbon that are usually colored violet and her hair has a lovely curl to it.


"...Josie Pye has a soul darker than starless night."
Anne Shirley-Cuthbert[src]
Josie has a domineering personality. She is shown to be bossy. Josie is the self-proclaimed leader of her group of friends, making most decisions, such as who the other girls are allowed to speak to. However, underneath it all, she's a good person. She told Anne not to talk to Gilbert because Ruby liked him and she didn't like to see her sad. She also told Anne about her period when she was going through hers and provided comfort. Josie, however, can have a mean streak with Anne. Josie consistently bullies Anne, and on occasion Cole Mackenzie, calling them both "freaks".


Anne ShirleyEdit

Josie instantly dislikes Anne Shirley. Most of the children are uncertain about Anne because of the preconceived notions surrounding orphans. Josie is unhappy that Diana Barry has formed such a strong friendship with Anne. Mostly, Josie is jealous of the attention Anne receives from Gilbert Blythe. However, over the course of the series, Josie has become more friendly towards Anne. An example is when she told Anne about her period that happened shortly after hers. They may not be the closest of friends, but they're becoming more and more friendly with each day.

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