Josiah Pryor, better known as "Whiskers-on-the-Moon", was the father of Miranda Pryor.


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Mr. Pryor's involvement in World War I, was that of a 'pacifist'. Susan Baker, the grim and faithful handmaiden of Ingleside, claimed that every time he smiled something bad happened. This may or may not be true, however, it is true that he disliked the war. It is a wonder, then, that he ever attended the prayer meeting for the 'boys in khaki'! Mr. Meredith had requested that is section be well represented, and as Whiskers-on-the-Moon was a deacon, he appeared at the meeting in a suit. When Mr. Arnold asked him to pray as an intended favour for Mr. Meredith, disaster struck. Mr. Pryor bounded to his feet with a booming 'let us pray', and everybody accordingly bowed their heads. What a prayer! The horrified congregation slowly came to the realisation that they were listening to a pacifist appeal of the rankest kind! Norman Douglas, despite the restraining hand of his wife Ellen, jumped up and quickly set Mr. Pryor to rights by shaking him vigorously. Mr. Pryor departed from the church in high dudgeon.



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"'I would not marry you if you were the last man on earth, Josiah Pryor."
Susan Baker[src]

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Josiah is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means Jehovah helps.

  • Whiskers-on-the-Moon, Josiah's nickname, was derived from his extremely red, fat, round face, with a fringe of whiskers around the edges.


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