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Jordan Gray was the husband of Hester Gray.


Early life[]

Jordan was born in probably the late 1820s or early 1830s to David and Mrs. Gray. He lived with his parents at their home (where a long time after, Silas Sloane lived) and inherited the farm that his father owned.

Marriage with Hester Gray[]

Looking for work, Jordan went to Boston, where he met Hester Murray and fell in love with her. She hated working in a store and wanted to get back to the country where she grew up in, having Jordan promise that he would take her back there when they married.

Keeping to his promise, Jordan took Hester to Avonlea after they married, where they lived on his father's farm for four years. He made Hester a garden where she spent most of her time in and treasured even when she got sick.

Gradually, Hester grew weaker and weaker, unable to take care of the garden. Knowing that she loved the garden, Jordan would take her out and wrap her in a shawl where she would be happy. Wishing to die there, Hester prayed every night that she would. One day, Jordan carried her to the garden for the final time. Her prayer was answered and, smiling and closing her eyes, she died there peacefully.

After Hester's death[]

After Hester died, he sold the farm and went back to Boston, where he died ten years after in 1862. His body was then brought back to Avonlea and buried beside Hester's.


Physical appearance[]


Jordan is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means "one to descend" or "to flow down".


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