"He is the greatest radio actor in the world."
—Orson Welles
John Drainie was a Canadian actor, also known for his role of Matthew Cuthbert in 1956 film Anne of Green Gables and its 1958 reprise.



Year Title Role
1949 Family Circles Narrator
1952 Land of the Long Day Narrator
Sunshine Sketches Narrator
1954 Aircrew Narrator
The Grievance Narrator
Man Is a Universe Narrator
The Charwoman Narrator
1955 No Longer Vanishing Narrator
The Structure of Unions Narrator
Road of Iron Narrator
Eye Witness No. 76 Narrator
Eye Witness No. 75 Narrator
CBC Summer Theatre
Folio Banquo
Maggie Muggins Mr. McGarrity
1955 - 1957 On Camera
1956 Camera Three
Anne of Green Gables Matthew Cuthbert
The Alcoa Hour Harry Burdick
1956 - 1957 Studio One Felix Dodge / Mr. Arcularis
First Performance Dr. Howard Gibson
1958 Anne of Green Gables Matthew Cuthbert
Now That April's Here Tom Boultbee
1960 R.C.M.P. Joe Wade / Martin Purdy
Armchair Theatre
1962 Jake and the Kid: Political Dynamite Jake
Scarlett Hill
1963 The Incredible Journey Professor Jim Hunter
1964 Espionage General Aubach
The Wednesday Plan
1964 - 1965 This Hour Has Seven Days Host
1965 The Forest Rangers Mr. Miller
1966 King Kong

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