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John Blythe was the father of Gilbert Blythe, a former love interest of Marilla Cuthbert, and an Avonlea resident.


Physical appearance[]



Gilbert Blythe[]

John is Gilbert’s father. John raised Gilbert on his own after his wife died giving birth to their son. Gilbert shares his father’s love of travel and accompanied him on a train trip to Alberta before his death.

Marilla Cuthbert[]

He briefly dated Marilla Cuthbert when they were much younger. They broke up because John wanted to travel and see the world, whereas Marilla wanted to stay in Avonlea to take of her brother, Matthew and Green Gables.

Behind the scenes[]


  • Wayne Best portrayed John in the Canadian TV series Anne with an E (2017–2019).
  • Darren Eisnor played young John in the flashback scenes.


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