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John Blythe was the husband of Mrs. Blythe, the father of Gilbert Blythe and the former love interest of Marilla Cuthbert.


Early life[]

John Blythe was born in Avonlea in early 1820s to Blythe family. He was raised there and attended Avonlea school. There he met Marilla Cuthbert, who lived at Green Gables, and they became good friends. After some time, Marilla and John started courting.

"John Blythe was a nice boy. People called him my beau."
Marilla Cuthbert[src]

However, they quarreled. Marilla didn't want to forgive John when he asked her to. She was angry and wanted to punish him, but John never came back.


John met his future wife and fell in love with her. They were married probably in old age, because their only son Gilbert was born in 1862, when they were almost 40 years old. It is possible they were married earlier and couldn't have a baby after the wedding.

Later life[]

John lived in Avonlea with his family and had a farm there. In 1873 he was ill and went to Alberta with Gilbert. They returned back after three years.

John was happy when Gilbert and Anne Shirley were engaged. He and his wife were invited for their wedding at Green Gables in September 1890. He visited them in their new house in Glen St. Mary and loved his grandchildren very much. He knew only Jem, Walter, Nan, Di and Shirley. He wasn't at Joyce's birth and died a few months before Rilla was born.

When his wife died, he was devastated. He died a year later, in spring 1899, and was buried at Avonlea graveyard next to his dead wife.


Physical appearance[]


John is male given name of Hebrew origin and means God is gracious.

Behind the scenes[]


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