James "Captain Jim" Boyd was the captain who lived in the lighthouse tower near the House of Dreams.


Early lifeEdit

Jim was born in 1814 in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Boyd. He was raised there and in September 1820 he attended school.

Told by the good captain himself, it is recorded that Jim had 'the sea in his veins'. Captain Jim, from the early age of fifteen, ran off to the sea. Dear friends of the Schoolmaster, John Selwyn, and his wife, Persis, Sailor Jim would make his way to the House of Dreams even before he went to his own home.

Life in the lighthouseEdit

He was very homely, sweet and kind. Anne and Gilbert Blythe love him and named their son after him, which made him extremely happy. He had a life-book, which was published by Leslie's second husband. He was extremely proud of his life-book. He was a sailor and lighthouse owner. Anne saw a kindred spirit in him.


Not long before he died, Jim's life-book was published and got very good reviews. He was extremely proud of it and read to the end, and died shortly after doing so, probably in the morning. When he died, he got a huge expensive and ugly monument he would've never wanted and would've poked sly fun at in real life, paid for and made by his relatives.


Captain Jim was known for being a very good storyteller. Although poorly educated and not a very good writer, he was capable of captivating listeners in his sailing adventures and was extremely proud of his life-book, which he hoped to leave to his grand-nephew Joe.

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James is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means he who supplants.

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