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Jerry Buote was a French Canadian boy from 'the Creek' who was hired by Matthew Cuthbert to help with farmwork around Green Gables.


Jerry was most likely born in the late 1860s in Prince Edward Island. By 1876, he lived with his family in the area called the Creek.

"Little Jerry Buote from the Creek was here this morning, and I told him I guessed I’d hire him for the summer."
Matthew Cuthbert[src]

In June 1876, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert decided to adopt a boy who would help them with the work around their farm, Green Gables. By mistake, an orphaned girl named Anne Shirley was sent instead of a boy. Matthew consequently told little Jerry Buote that he would hire him for the following summer, which the latter accepted.

Matthew nonchalantly told Marilla about the deal when she was setting off to White Sands to discuss Anne's return to the orphanage with Mrs. Spencer. Jerry's hiring was Matthew's way of stating that he was set on Anne staying.

In the following weeks, Jerry had a chance to make an opinion on Anne and declared that said she talked all the time to herself or to the trees and flowers like a crazy girl.

Physical appearance[]


When Anne lost Marilla's brooch, it was noted that "dinner was a very dismal meal. The only cheerful thing about it was Jerry Buote, the hired boy, and Marilla resented his cheerfulness as a personal insult."


Anne Shirley[]

Jerry told Anne's schoolmates that Anne "talked all the time to herself or to the trees and flowers like a crazy girl".

Marilla Cuthbert[]

Marilla seemed to dislike Jerry, as shown when Anne accidentally baked anodyne liniment into Ms. Allan's cake, and Marilla commented that Anne had "better go and give that cake to the pigs. It isn’t fit for any human to eat, not even Jerry Buote."


Jerry is a short form of Jeremy, Jerome, Gerald, Geraldine and similar names.

Behind the scenes[]


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