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Jerry Baynard is a French Canadian hired boy whom Matthew Cuthbert hired to help with farmwork around Green Gables, the son of Mr. and Lisette Baynard, and a love interest of Diana Barry.


Jerry comes from a very large and poor family of Acadian trappers. Instead of going to school, Jerry must work to help provide for his family.

Anne saw Jerry as a rival when he was hired as a farmhand at Green Gables. Anne wanted to prove that a girl could do all the things a boy could do and more, so that Marilla wouldn't be tempted to adopt a boy instead.

Physical appearance[]

Jerry has short brown hair, fair skin and brown eyes. At the beginning of the series he is about the same height as Anne, but grows to be rather tall by the third season.


Jerry is easygoing and practical. He is hardworking and not prone to flights of fancy like Anne. He is a realist and though he has dreams of going to school, he understands that with his family's finance, he can't.


Anne Shirley Cuthbert[]

Anne resented Jerry for "displacing her position in her very first family," since she had wanted to show her worth by helping out outdoors.

As of season 2, they have a sibling-like relationship. Anne and Jerry have become closer and she decides to teach him how to read and write.

Diana Barry[]

Jerry took an immediate liking to Diana. He has been known to flirt with her and in Season 3, Episode 4 she gets an idea of Jerry's home life and spends some time with his family. In Season 3 Episode 5, Jerry gives Diana the book Frankenstein and Diana walks home from school with him. In Season 3, Episode 6, the two share a secret kiss at the Island Fair.


Behind the scenes[]



  • The CBC website describes him as, Jerry is a young French Canadian farmhand. Because of his stoic, implacable, practical nature, he and Anne bicker constantly.[1]


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