Jeannie Pippett is the owner of the fancy boutique La Rue Auber, a Carmody resident, and a friend and former love interest of Matthew Cuthbert.


Jeannie was a classmate of Matthew Cuthbert when they attended school in Avonlea. She was a popular girl among her peers, though she was not interested in her male classmates who attempted to win her affections with flashy gestures. Matthew noticed that she was fond of collecting buttons and would discreetly leave them for her, without expecting her to know they were from him. However, Jeannie had noticed and appreciated his humbleness. When Matthew's older brother died, Matthew left school; he and Jeannie did not meet again until they were adults.

Years later, when Matthew decides to buy a dress with puffed sleeves for Anne Shirley, he decides to go to Carmody in order to avoid attracting attention in Avonlea. After becoming flustered at La Rue Auber, Jeannie appears and recognizes him. They spend some time catching up, before Jeannie agrees to make a green dress with puffed sleeves for Anne. Matthew avoids meeting with her again, though he has Jerry Baynard deliver a button to her. Some time later, Jeannie meets Anne when she arrives to sell the dress back to pay back a loan taken on Green Gables. After learning that Matthew has recently had a heart attack, she buys Anne's dress back at a generous price. Concerned about Matthew's well-being, she goes to Green Gables, where she and Marilla narrowly stop Matthew from shooting himself. Jeannie tells Matthew that he needs to live, because both Anne and Marilla still need him.

Anne discovers some time later that Jeannie has been writing regularly to Matthew since their re-acquaintance, though he has not responded. Hoping to encourage a romantic relationship, Anne writes love letters to Jeannie as Matthew. However, Matthew becomes upset with Anne, feeling that her actions were misleading Jeannie. When he goes to explain the truth, Jeannie reveals that she realized on her own that Matthew was not the author of the letters. As Matthew informs her that he wishes to spend as much of his life caring for Anne, Jeannie accepts with understanding and grateful for their friendship. During Anne's visit to Carmody to run errands for Christmas, she meets Jeannie again. After marveling at that Anne has dressed up as a boy to deal with her embarrassing haircut, Jeannie reveals that she is going on a trip to Paris. She accepts Anne's apology for writing love letters as Matthew, admitting that she had been somewhat flattered by Anne's words, and gives the green dress to Anne as a gift.

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  • Brenda Bazinet portrays Jeannie in the Canadian TV series Anne with an E (2017–2019). She also played Dr. Jones in Road to Avonlea (1990–1996).
  • Anna Bartlam played young Jeannie in the flashback scenes in Anne with an E (2017–2019).



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