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Jarvis Morrow was the husband of Dovie Westcott and a successful young lawyer.


Early life[]

Jarvis was born in late 1860s in Summerside to Mr. and Mrs. Morrow (née Pringle). He was raised there along with his older sister Julia. Jarvis attended Summerside High School, then he studied law and became a successful young lawyer.

Jarvis fell in love with Dovie Westcott and cut her name to the tree. Her father never allowed Dovie to have any beaus and when Jarvis began to pay her attention, he forbade him the house and told Dovie there was to be no more running round with that fellow.

Jarvis didn't know that Frank Westcott chose him for his daughter when they were kids.

"I picked Jarvis Morrow out for Sibyl when they were kids. Soon as the other boys began taking notice of her, I shooed them off. That gave Jarvis his first notion of her. He'd show the old man! I knew the Morrows root and branch. You don't. They're a good family, but the men don't want things they can get easily. And they're determined to get a thing when they're told they can't."
Franklin Westcott to Anne Shirley.

Marriage with Dovie Westcott[]


Physical appearance[]


Jarvis is a male given name, variant of Old German name Gervase which means with honour.


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