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Jane Andrews is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, the younger sister of Prissy and Billy Andrews, and the student of Avonlea school.


Physical appearance[]

Jane has light coloured eyes, soft, golden brown hair, and skin that is very fair



Billy Andrews[]

Jane Andrews is the younger sister of Billy Andrews. Both rarely show brotherly and sisterly relationships. However, the certainly do care for one another.

Prissy Andrews[]

Prissy is the older sister to Jane and Billy. She had a very close relationship with Jane and they were often seen together. When Prissy was about to be married, she chose her little sister as her maid of honour. The two of them still had a very strong bond even when Prissy had to leave for college.

Diana Barry[]

Jane Andrews is a good friend with Diana.

Tillie Boulter[]

Tillie Boulter is a close friend of Jane.

Ruby Gillis[]

Josie Pye[]

Anne Shirley-Cuthbert[]


Jane is a female given name of Hebrew origin, the feminine version of John and means God is gracious. Andrews means son of Andrew.

Behind the scenes[]



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