James Armstrong was the father of Teddy Armstrong and the uncle of Lewis Allen.


Early lifeEdit

James was born sometimes in late 1830s in New Brunswick to Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong. When his father died, he was brought up in an uncle's family and his mother married again - to Mr. Gardiner.

She moved away and gave birth to James's half-sister, Mary. James saw her only once, when mother visited him along with little Mary. His mother died soon after and he never saw his sister after that.

Years later, James moved to Summerside, Prince Edward Island. He met there his future wife and fell in love with her - although she was twenty years younger.


They married probably in 1879. One year later, she gave birth to their only child - a son. She named him Theodore, but everyone called him Teddy.

James' wife died in 1883 and left him alone with their little son Teddy.

"James Armstrong has never got over his wife's death five years ago. He was just wrapped up in his bit of a wife... she was twenty years younger than he was. Her death was an awful shock to him I've heard... just seemed to change his nature completely. He got sour and cranky."
Rebecca Dew

Meeting Anne ShirleyEdit

Lewis Allen, hoping to get a photograph of a farmhouse to earn money, went with Anne Shirley, who was trying to get subscriptions for the High School Dramatic Club. They went down Dawlish Road and entered Armstrong House, where Lewis took the picture and James promptly refused an offer of a subscription from Anne. They were about to go back when they were encountered by his son Teddy, who gave them part of an apple turnover in compensation for his father's refusal and let Lewis take his picture in thanks.

Teddy's deathEdit

Not long after Lewis took his picture, Teddy contracted pneumonia and died. James was devastated. However, Lewis Allen, his newly-found nephew, cheered him up by revealing he was the son of Mary Gardiner, who had been James' half-sister.

Lewis later gave him Teddy's photograph and went to live with him.


James was not fond of people, but he was a good cook. He worshipped Teddy, especially after his wife died and he became sour and cranky.

Physical appearanceEdit

"A tall, broad-shouldered man of fifty, with grizzled hair and bushy eyebrows..."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 2, The Second Year[src]


James is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means he who supplants. This name was one of the most popular names in the 19th century.

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