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Irene Howard was the daughter of a Mrs. Howard, a splendid singer, and a friend of Rilla Blythe.


Early life[]

Irene was born in 1895 in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island, to Howard family. She was raised there and attended Glen school in September 1901.

Friendship with Rilla Blythe[]

Irene's friendship with Rilla began at the start of Rilla of Ingleside. When Irene pinned up a hole on Rilla's dress at the lighthouse dance, Rilla was charmed. However, as time progressed, Irene disgusted Rilla. When Irene arrived early for a Red Cross meeting at Ingleside, picked up Jims and kissed him in unwanted places, gave him a cold, and finally said something nasty about Walter, Rilla's temper flared up and she ordered Irene to 'never speak' to her again. Irene took Rilla's words to heart, although she spoke behind Rilla's back to Olive Kirk about her. When the concert escapade came up, Rilla and Irene were on speaking terms again. However, Rilla decided she and Irene could never be friends. Friendly, yes, but friends, no. Although Rilla did not think this, she was too mature for Irene.

Involvement in the Junior Red Cross[]

Irene's involvement with the 'Junior Reds' was limited, it may appear. She sided with Olive Kirk, who wanted to have lunch served at the meetings, and sulked when Rilla won. She completely dropped out of the group when Rilla asked her never to speak to her again. But, when Mrs. Channing was unable to show up to the concert in the aid of the Belgians, Rilla swallowed a slice of humble pie when she went to Irene, and asked her to sing at the concert. Although Irene smirked at Rilla's feet, delivered quite a few snubs, and was altogether cruel, Rilla finally succeeded. Irene would sing at the concert!

But Irene's cruelty was not yet ended. She told Rilla—in the middle of the concert!—that Walter had enlisted. Rilla was heartbroken and horrified. Her first reaction was to run away, but she carried out the rest of the concert.


Known to be vindictive, and at feud with everybody, Irene was not of the race that knows Joseph.


Rilla Blythe[]

Physical appearance[]


Irene is a female given name of Greek origin and means peace.


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