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The House of Dreams is a house in Four Winds Harbour, where Gilbert and Anne Blythe lived in after their wedding.


The construction date of the House of Dreams was July 1, 1831, almost sixty years before Anne and Gilbert arrived. Situated in a lovely area of Four Winds, the house was assumably occupied by only two couples and a single lady prior to Anne and Gilbert's arrival.

Selwyn family[]

John Selwyn, the Schoolmaster in Four Winds from September 1830, lived in bacheldore in the House of Dreams (then recently built for the newlyweds-to-be) until the arrival of his bride, Persis Leigh. When the Selywns made the House of Dreams home, the furniture was simple. Facts about the house explain about: a large ox-fitting-fireplace, the simple furniture, and little else. It is known, however, that much love was put into the making of the House of Dreams. Everybody in the Glen at the time, it seems, contributed something. When Persis Leigh arrived, there was a wedding day never to be forgotten. The Selwyns lived happily in the House of Dreams for fifteen years until they moved to Charlottetown.

Russell family[]

Ned Russell bought the house once the Selwyns moved out, and brought his bride. Miss Elizabeth Russell was Alec's sister, and came to live with the Russells after a year. She stayed there after Ned Russell and his bride moved out, and was a friend of Captain Jim.

Blythe family[]

Anne was the third bride to come to the house of dreams—and "the handsomest," as Captain Jim said. Anne and Gilbert, newly-weds, were a very happy couple. They named their new home the "House of Dreams." Captain Jim, Cornelia Bryant, Leslie West, and Owen Ford were frequent visitors to the House of Dreams. Joyce Blythe was born and died there, and Jem Blythe was born there. Anne and Gilbert moved out in October, 1892 to Ingleside in Glen St. Mary. Anne was very sad to leave the home, having made many wonderful memories there, but was glad to be able to leave it in Leslie and Owen's hands.

Ford family[]

When Anne and Gilbert moved out, Leslie and Owen purchased the home and stayed there during summer vacations. Often, the Blythe children would go down and spend time with Persis and Kenneth.

Physical appearance[]

"The first glimpse of her new home was a delight to eye and spirit—it looked so like a big, creamy seashell stranded on the harbour shore. The rows of tall Lombardy poplars down its lane stood out in stately, purple silhouette against the sky. Behind it, sheltering its garden from the too keen breath of sea winds, was a cloudy fir wood, in which the winds might make all kinds of weird and haunting music. Like all woods, it seemed to be holding and enfolding secrets in its recesses,—secrets whose charm is only to be won by entering in and patiently seeking. Outwardly, dark green arms keep them inviolate from curious or indifferent eyes."
—Anne sees the House of Dreams for the first time[src]



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