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"Hearts and Flowers" is the ninth episode of Season 4 of Road to Avonlea and the 48th episode overall.


In order to keep the White Sands Hotel afloat, Simon Tremayne reluctantly agrees to hold a Valentine’s Day Dance and to accept Hetty King’s offer of financial investment in the hotel.



Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Durward Allan as Guest
  • Rummy Bishop as Mr. Packett
  • David Brown as Man
  • Cecilia Clermont as Suzette Moreau
  • Julian Peters as Workman
  • Julian Reed as Driver
  • Ed Sahely as Gulley Gogarty
  • Willow as Methuselah


Janet King: Felicity, if you slam the door on every boy who puts his foot in his mouth, you'll need iron hinges.

Arthur Pettibone: I'd like to have a dance with her.
Gus Pike: And I'd like to fly and spit diamonds, but that don't make it so.

Suzette Moreau: I know nothing of the world.

Felix King: But what if she tries to kiss me?

Gus: Take the bird to the icehouse...I'm goin' to get my valentine!

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