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Grace Kennedy, otherwise known as Aunt Mouser, was the great-aunt of Nora and Sally Nelson.


Early Life[]

Grace was born sometimes in 1830s probably in Summerside. It is possible that her maiden name was Nelson, because she was aunt of Samuel Nelson.

In 1850s she married James Kennedy.

"When I was married it was in the evening and my father laid in twenty gallons of liquor for the wedding."
—Grace about her wedding.

Wedding of Sally and Gordon Hill[]

Grace was invited to her great-niece Sally's wedding at Bonnyview. She came one day earlier and told everyone stories about past weddings. She was surprised when she met Anne Shirley.

"So you're the Miss Shirley I've always heard so much of. You ain't a bit like a Miss Shirley I once knew. She had such beautiful eyes."
—Grace to Anne Shirley.

Aunt Mouser was evidently a joke among the young fry of the area. Possessing a gift for drawing out annoyance in near everybody, she made Nora Nelson very stormily angry. As a wedding gift to each of the Nelson girls for their weddings she gave them a silver butter dish.

Aunt Mouser's parting 'felicity' concerning Nora's wedding was... "Well, I can only hope this won't be a case of marrying in haste and repenting at leisure!"


A fat, 'pop-eyed', brown old lady, she moves in 'the atmosphere of mothballs', and has a chronically worried expression—and looks a great deal like a hunting pussy-cat.

Similar to Aunt Mary Maria in many ways, she enjoys prying into other matters. Dr. Nelson joked about Aunt Mouser's Felicities.

Physical appearance[]


Grace is a female given name of Latin origin meaning kindness, favour, esteem.


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