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Gordon Hill was the husband of Sally Nelson.


Early life[]

Gordon was born in 1860s in Summerside to Mr. and Mrs. Hill. He was raised there and probably attended Summerside High School. In late 1880s, Gordon courted Sally, a daughter of Dr. Nelson. He proposed to her and she accepted. He wasn't very tall and handsome.

"I always thought Sally would pick out a tall handsome man."
Grace Kennedy about Gordon.

Marriage with Sally Nelson[]

Their wedding took place at Bonnyview on June 30, 1888. The day before, almost all wedding guests arrived, including Gordon's family, Sally's bridesmaid Anne Shirley, and Aunt Mouser, who told everyone stories about past weddings.

Sally wanted a pretty wedding. She had her wedding gown from Montreal and invited all her friends. Gordon chose his friend Jud Taylor for his groomsman - but he had conflict with Nora Nelson who slapped him, first on one side of his face and then on the other.

Despite all Aunt Mouser's bad prophecies, Sally and Gordon were married without anybody dropping dead or forgetting the ring. They left house and went on honeymoon. Later they moved to their own house.


Physical appearance[]


Gordon is male given name of English origin, derived from a surname which was originally derived from a place name meaning spacious fort.


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