"You are about to hear the most infectious giggle you will ever hear, when Glenda comes out to play Mrs. Spencer."
Don Harron

Glenda Landry is a Canadian actress who portrayed Diana Barry, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Sloane, Mrs. Pye and Rachel Lynde in Anne of Green Gables: The Musical˜.


Glenda Landry was born on June 16, 1952 in Canada and was raised in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Landry joined the production of Anne of Green Gables: The Musical˜ in 1971 and played the role as Diana Barry for the next 20 years. For more than two more decades she portrayed Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Sloane. In 2011, she played Mrs. Pye.

She most recently portrayed Rachel Lynde in the 2015 season of the Charlottetown musical.


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  • Glenda Landry has been a part of the Charlottetown production of Anne of Green Gables: The Musical˜ for 45 years. As of 2017, she has missed one only summer season since the 1970s—and that was to have a baby.


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