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Gilbert Blythe is the son of late John and Mrs. Blythe, a student of Avonlea school, and an Avonlea resident.


Gilbert Blythe came from a big family, but his mother passed away soon after he was born and eventually he ended up with just his father in Avonlea. He works on the farm of his ill father, although he deeply wishes to become a doctor.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gilbert Blythe has short curly dark brown hair, hazel eyes and a mischievous smile. He is lean and of average height. Gilbert is consistently described as handsome.


Gilbert Blythe's good natured attitude, charm and looks easily make him the most popular boy in school and the object of fancy for the majority of his female classmates. He's ambitious, as shown by his academic prowess, and caring. Prior to Anne Shirley's arrival, his position of 'best in class' was unchallenged. As a child, Gilbert possessed a certain maturity his peers lack, most likely a result of his responsibilities at home, mainly taking care of his ill father.


John BlytheEdit

John is his father, who passed away.

Anne ShirleyEdit

Gilbert is seen to like Anne which is shown when he sticks up for her against Billy Andrews also when he says ‘a cute girl is a cute girl’ though they have a strong rivalry towards the end of the series they become good friends.

Ruby Gillis Edit

Gilbert is idolized by Ruby for being handsome. He seems to only acknowledge Ruby out of politeness, opting instead, for Anne.

Sebastian Edit

Gilbert meets Sebastian during his travels working on a ship. They bond quickly after Gilbert promises not to lose Sebastian's job due to the boy's constant singing. Sebastian shows him the way around Trinidad (Sebastian's home), even allowing Gilbert to meet his mother (who is held in slavery). Upon returning to Avonlea during the winter, Sebastian stays in Gilbert's house.


Behind the scenesEdit



  • The CBC website describes him as, Easy-going and confident, Gilbert Blythe is Anne's academic rival and popular leader in school. He appreciates and admires Anne because of all the ways she's different from everyone else.[1]


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Quotes Edit

"Need anything else? Any dragons around here need slaying?"

"I don't care where she's from. A cute girl is a cute girl."

"Tragical Romance and all?"


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