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Gilbert Blythe is the son of late John and Mrs. Blythe, a student of Avonlea school, and eventually the love interest of Anne Shirley-Cuthbert.


Early life[]

Gilbert Blythe came from a big family, but his mother passed away in child birth and eventually he ended up with just his father in Avonlea.

John Blythe's sickness[]

When Gilbert's father becomes gravely ill, the two of them take a trip across the country to Alberta. Being an only son and not having any relatives left, Gilbert is alone in taking care of John but does get help from Mrs. Kincannon and Doctor Ward. The first couple of months Gilbert manages to continue his studies but when John's sickness gets worse Gilbert puts his studies on hold. He ends up not going back to school as John dies during the winter and Gilbert leaves Avonlea for Charlottetown and there he gets a job on a ship.

Life on ship[]

Gilbert leaves Avonlea for a time after the death of his father. He gets a job on a ship and ends up befriending Sebastian, commonly known as Bash. While being in Trinidad, Gilbert realizes that he wants to become a doctor.

Back in Avonlea[]

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Physical appearance[]

Gilbert Blythe has short curly dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a mischievous smile. He is lean and of average height. Gilbert is constantly described as handsome.


Gilbert Blythe's good natured attitude, charm, and looks easily make him the most popular boy in school, and the object of fancy for the majority of his female classmates. He's ambitious, as shown by his academic prowess, and caring. Before Anne Shirley's arrival, his position of 'best in class' was unchallenged. As a child, Gilbert possessed a certain maturity his peers lacked, most likely a result of his responsibilities at home, mainly taking care of his ill father.


John Blythe[]

It's understood that the two were very close and that Gilbert cared deeply about his father. John, would tease Gilbert for worrying too much about him. After his father died, Gilbert couldn't stand staying "trapped" in Avonlea, and went out to fulfill his father's wish - to see the world at the end of season one.

Anne Shirley Cuthbert[]

Throughout the series, Gilbert is shown to care for Anne. He, and Diana Barry are the only people at the Avonlea schoolhouse who are untroubled by Anne's orphan status. Gilbert first encounters Anne in the woods by the school where she is being bullied by Billy Andrews. Despite not knowing who she is, Gilbert sticks up for Anne. That same day, he tells his classmates that "a cute girl is a cute girl" further proving he is untroubled by Anne's past. Gilbert and Anne's relationship sours when Gilbert calls Anne carrots to get her attention. Anne stubbornly refuses to accept Gilbert's many attempts to apologize, and the two go on to have an academic rivalry. By the end of season two, Gilbert and Anne are still fighting to be the top student in class, but have a much friendlier relationship. In season three, Gilbert and Anne have a tentative friendship and deny their feelings towards one another, but then they realize and confess how much they love each other.

Ruby Gillis[]

Ruby idolizes Gilbert for his handsome features. Gilbert acknowledges Ruby out of politeness, but does not return her feelings. 

Sebastian Lacroix[]

Gilbert meets Sebastian during his travels working on a ship. They bond quickly after Gilbert promises to stop constantly singing so that Sebastian won't lose his job. Sebastian shows him the way around Trinidad (Sebastian's home), even allowing Gilbert to meet his mother (who is held in slavery). Upon returning to Avonlea during the winter, Sebastian stays in Gilbert's house, and helps him with the farm.

Mary Lacroix[]

When Gilbert realized that Sebastian and Mary had fallen in love, he was happy, and helped them be together, and with their newborn daughter Delphine. When Mary died, Gilbert, along with many other people was very sad.

Winifred Rose[]

Winifred Rose is the clerk at Gilbert's medical apprenticeship. They develop a romantic relationship, however eventually Gilbert breaks up with her because he realizes that he has feelings for Anne.


Gilbert is a male given name of Old French origin and means bright promise. The surname Blythe comes from the Old English meaning of happy, joyous, blithe.

Behind the scenes[]



  • The CBC website describes him as, Easy-going and confident, Gilbert Blythe is Anne's academic rival and popular leader in school. He appreciates and admires Anne because of all the ways she's different from everyone else.[1]


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