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Geraldine Raymond was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and the twin sister of Gerald Raymond.


Early life[]

Geraldine and her twin brother Gerald were born in 1881 in the USA to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond. Her father died when she was little and she didn't know him very well. Geraldine, Gerald and their mother moved to Summerside, Prince Edward Island in winter 1888.

Afternoon with Anne Shirley[]

In September 1889, Anne Shirley, principal of the Summerside High School, was invited by Mrs. Raymond to babysit the twins and she accepted.

Mrs. Raymond went to Charlottetown for her sister Ella's funeral. When she left, Gerald and Geraldine got in a cat-fight, Geraldine got sick, Gerald made a triple-catch fishing. They made fun of Ivy Trent in the backyard and both escaped from their well-deserved punishments. Poor Anne was exhausted. However, Geraldine showed at the last minute that she was fond of Anne, in an affectionate motion.


Physical appearance[]

"They had complexions of pink and white, large China-blue eyes and aureoles of fine, fluffy, pale yellow hair."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 2, The Third Year[src]


Geraldine is a female given name of old French/German name origin and means spear ruler.


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