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Gerald Raymond was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and the twin brother of Geraldine Raymond.


Early life[]

When Anne Shirley, the principal of the Summerside High School at the time (1889, September), came to babysit him and his sister, Geraldine, Gerald started off the day on a bad note. To begin, he stuck his tongue out at Geraldine... put the coyote skin on his back: wanting to play 'wolf'... using a fishing rod to catch the unsuspecting caller Pamela Drake's hat, spectacles and false front from the upstairs window... telling Geraldine she had eaten a worm... making fun of and harming Ivy Trent... sneaking out of his well-deserved time out in a closet... falling into the creek... and finally giving Anne a hard time of it by being nearly-sick! But at the end—Gerald showed in an affectionate gesture that he really had enjoyed his time.


Physical appearance[]

"They had complexions of pink and white, large China-blue eyes and aureoles of fine, fluffy, pale yellow hair."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 2, The Third Year[src]


Gerald is a male given name of Old German origin and means spear ruler.


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