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Mrs. Fletcher was the wife of George Fletcher, the aunt of Gilbert Blythe and the relative of John Blythe and his wife.


She was born in the first half of the 19th century, most likely in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. After finishing her studies at the local school, she accepted the proposal of George Fletcher. They settled down in the house next to John Blythe's farm. At some point her husband hired a man named Pacifique Buote to help him around the house.

In the summer of 1887, Mrs. Fletcher's nephew, Gilbert Blythe took down with typhoid fever. Worried Anne Shirley met Pacifique Buote and since she knew he worked for the Fletchers, she asked him whether he knew how Gilbert was that morning. Fortunately, Pacifique assured her that Gilbert would live.

Behind the scenes[]


  • Mrs. Fletcher was Gilbert Blythe's aunt thus she had to be a sister of John Blythe or his wife. It is more likely that she was the sister of John: after her wedding with George Fletcher, she settled down in the house next to her birth one that would later serve as her brother's residence.
  • She might be related to Abraham, Jane Ellen, Simon and Stella Fletcher.


  • In the German translation, his surname was changed to "Fletscher".


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