George Barry was the father of Diana and Minnie May Barry, the husband of Mrs. Barry, and the nephew of Josephine Barry and Atossa Coates.


Early lifeEdit

George was born in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, in the late 1830s or early 1840s to Mr. and Mrs. Barry. He was raised there and attended Avonlea school at the age of six. George didn't continue with studies, instead he became a farmer.

Marriage with Miss MurrayEdit

In the early 1860s he met Miss Murray from Newbridge who accepted his proposal. They got married in the spring of 1864 and settled down at Orchard Slope, a farm located near the Barry's pond and Cuthberts' farm, Green Gables.

In February 1865, their first daughter was born. The schoolmaster who boarded with them at Orchard Slope at that time named the little girl Diana. Eight years later, in 1873, his second daughter Minnie May was born.


George was a Liberal, for which reason Diana and Anne never discussed politics.

Physical appearanceEdit


George is a male given name of Greek origin and means farmer. This name was one of the most popular boy names in 19th century.

Behind the scenesEdit


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Notes and referencesEdit

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