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Frederick Burton was an American actor, also known for his role of Matthew Cuthbert in 1919 silent film Anne of Green Gables.



Year Title Role
1914 Forgiven; Or, The Jack of Diamonds Willard Graham
1918 Ruggles of Red Gap Egbert Floud
Arizona Col. Benham
1919 Cheating Cheaters George Brockton
Getting Mary Married Amos Bussard
The Career of Katherine Bush Duke Mordryn
The Teeth of the Tiger Doctor Varney
Anne of Green Gables Matthew Cuthbert
1920 The Fear Market Jim Carson
The Fortune Teller Horatio Browning
Yes or No Donald Vane
Heliotrope Harry Hasdock
1921 The Education of Elizabeth Middleton
If Women Only Knew Donna's Father
Bits of Life
1922 The Man She Brought Back Bruce Webster
Anna Ascends Mr. Fisk
Back Home and Broke Otis Grimley
1923 The Fighting Blade Oliver Cromwell
Broadway Broke Augustin Daly
1924 The Rejected Woman Leyton Carter
1925 Back to Life Henry Porter
1926 So's Your Old Man Senator
1927 Running Wild D.W. Harvey
1930 The Big Trail Pa Bascom
1931 Sweepstakes Pop Blake
An American Tragedy Samuel Griffiths
Freighters of Destiny John Macey
Secret Service General Randolph
Mata Hari Major at Executions
1932 The Woman from Monte Carlo President
Fireman, Save My Child Mr. Platt
Alias the Doctor President
The Wet Parade Major Randolph
It's Tough to Be Famous Admiral
Night Court Jim Erskine
State's Attorney Second Trial Judge
The Famous Ferguson Case Bridges
Two Seconds Judge
The Age of Consent Gifford
Okay, America! President
The Night of June 13th Judge
The All-American Mr. Neuchard
One Way Passage Doctor
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang Southern Prison Official
Silver Dollar Opera House Architect
Too Busy to Work Judge Hardy
Lawyer Man Second Trial Judge
1933 No Other Woman Anderson
Whistling in the Dark Van Buren
Broadway Bad Robert North, Sr
The Working Man Judge Larson
Shanghai Madness
Golden Harvest Judge Goodhue
Blood Money Marcus P. Talbart
King for a Night Governor
Counsellor at Law Rigby Crayfield
1934 The Big Shakedown Houston Sims
Bedside Superintendent
Three on a Honeymoon Ship's Captain
Love Birds Barbwire
Sadie McKee Uncle Snowden
Smarty Judge
One Night of Love Howard
Belle of the Nineties Colonel Claybourne
Flirtation Walk Gen. Landacre
The Secret Bride Judge Halliday
1935 Transient Lady Major Marshall
McFadden's Flats Jefferson
The Farmer Takes a Wife Butterfield
Shipmates Forever Fred Graves
One-Way Ticket Judge
The Calling of Dan Matthews James B. Strong
1936 The Voice of Bugle Ann Warden
Wife vs. Secretary Ned Trent
Everybody's Old Man Aylesworth
Fury Daniel Hopkins
Mummy's Boys Professor Edwards
Theodora Goes Wild Governor Wyatt
The Accusing Finger Governor
1937 Love Is News J.D. Jones
Nancy Steele Is Missing! Superior Court Judge
The Man in Blue Parke Lewis
The Devil Is Driving Judge
The Last Gangster Boston Editor
The Duke Comes Back Arnold Corbin
1938 Jezebel First Director
Air Devils Conspirator
The Saint in New York William Valcross
I Am the Law Governor
Valley of the Giants Mortimer
My Lucky Star Pilsbury
Flight to Fame Gen. Darrow
Kentucky Bank Officer
1939 Risky Business Governor
Silver on the Sage Tom Hamilton
Confessions of a Nazi Spy District Court Judge
Inside Information Fenton
The Old Maid Mr. Halsey
Hollywood Cavalcade Thomas
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Sen. Dearhorn
Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President Bishop Bannon
1940 The Man from Dakota Leader
XXX Medico Ship's Captain
Brigham Young Mr. Webb
Before I Hang Governor Prentiss
Third Finger, Left Hand Mr. Thompson
Go West Johnson
Bowery Boy George Winters
1941 Andy Hardy's Private Secretary Gov. Spaulding
The Man Who Lost Himself Mr. Milford
Washington Melodrama Dean Lawford
Babes on Braodway Mr. Morris
1942 Man with Two Lives Hobart Bennett
A Gentleman After Dark
Junior G-Men of the Air Col. Mitchell
Silver Queen Dr. Hartley
Tennessee Johnson Senator
1944 Hands Across the Border Col. Ames
Wilson Senator
Casanova Brown Rev. Dean
The Town Went Wild Dr. Hendricks
1946 Miss Susie Slagle's Dr. Bowen
1947 The Foxes of Harrow Creole Gentleman

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