Fred Wright was the husband of Diana Barry, the father of Fred Jr., Anne Cordelia and Jack and a friend of Gilbert Blythe and Charlie Sloane.


Early lifeEdit

Fred was born in 1860s in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Wright. He was raised there along with his brother Jim. Fred attended Avonlea school at the age of six and when he finished his studies, he decided to become a farmer like his father.

Marriage with Diana BarryEdit

Fred and Diana got married in June 1886, and the wedding took place in Orchard Slope, Diana's home. Fred chose his best friend, Gilbert Blythe, for groomsman and Diana's bridesmaid was Anne Shirley.

In July 1887, Diana gave birth to their first son and they named him after his father. Little Fred looked absurdly like his father, just as round, just as red. In December of next year, Fred's only daughter was born. Diana named her Anne Cordelia - she chose the name of her best friend and the name which Anne wanted to be called in her childhood. Their last child, Jack, was born in late 1890.


Physical appearanceEdit

Fred was round and red - very unlike the 'ideal man' Diana spoke of as a little girl.


Fred is a male given name, variant of Old English name Alfred and Old German name Frederick and means elf, magical counsel or peaceful ruler.

  • Fred and his wife Diana named their first son Fred Jr. after himself.
  • Fred shared name with Fred Pringle, the student of Anne Shirley, Fred Elliott, the resident of Glen area, and with Fred Arnold, the friend of Rilla Blythe.

Behind the scenesEdit


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