Four Winds is a district containing all the area around Four Winds Harbour. It includes Four Winds Point, the Four Winds Light, the House of Dreams and a fishing village, as well as the villages of Harbour Head, Glen St. Mary, and Over-Harbour. It is geographically beautiful and gradually became a popular place for parties and dances.



"You haven’t many neighbours, Mistress Blythe," Captain Jim went on. "This side of the harbour is mighty thinly settled. Most of the land belongs to Mr. Howard up yander past the Glen, and he rents it out for pasture. The other side of the harbour now, is thick with folks — 'specially MacAllisters. There’s a whole colony of MacAllisters you can’t throw a stone but you hit one."
Jim Boyd about Four Winds[src]

The Four Winds district consists of three major settlements: Glen St. Mary, Harbour Head, and Over-Harbour. Glen St. Mary and Harbour Head lie on one side of the harbour with Over-Harbour, and an unnamed fishing village that is situated at the harbour mouth, on the other. Over-Harbour is the most densely populated settlement in Four Winds and is dominated by the Crawford, Elliott, and MacAllister families.



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