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Felix King was the son of Alec and Janet King, the younger brother of Felicity, the older brother of Cecily and Daniel and the cousin of Andrew, Sara, Montgomery and Alicia.


Felix was the second child and older son of Alec King and Janet Ward. He spent most of his childhood in Avonlea with his family.


While growing up, Felix got into all kinds of trouble, but he was also a very caring person. He even developed a crush on Izzy Pettibone. Before Felicity married Gus, he joined the Royal Canadian Navy.

Physical appearance[]


Felix is a male given name and surname that stems from Latin (fēlix, felicis) and means "lucky", "favored by luck" or "the lucky one".

Behind the scenes[]


Zachary Bennett



  • The official Road to Avonlea website describes him thus: Mischievous and always getting into trouble, Felix is the eldest son of Alec and Janet King. He is quite ambitious and is always trying to find ways to make money. In spite of that, he ultimately chooses to enlist and fights bravely in the trenches during WWI.[3]
  • In L.M. Montgomery's books The Story Girl and The Golden Road, Felix is Alec and Janet's nephew, not their son. He is the younger brother of Beverley King (the narrator of the story), with whom he is sent to live at King farm in Carlisle, Prince Edward Island, as Sara Stanley and Andrew King do in the show.


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  1. According to the episode Thursdays Child: "You know what happened to Alec King's own sister, Ruth. They say she caught it [Tuberculosis] at Christmas and was gone before Easter". Janet states that "Felix had just been born when Ruth..." and trails off, with the last word implied to be "died"; according to her tombstone, Ruth died in 1894, so Felix was born around the same time, i.e Easter 1894.
  2. In Happy Christmas, Miss King, Alec says Felix is 19 shortly before Christmas Day of 1914, implying Felix is a late December baby.

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