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"Evelyn" is the sixth episode of Season 4 of Road to Avonlea and the 45th episode overall.


Alec King’s boyhood friend Emmett Grier returns to Avonlea with his young wife Evelyn and their baby daughter, Carrie. Soon after his arrival, Emmett is killed in a boat explosion while out fishing with Alec.



Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Casey Kramer as Baby Grier
  • Haley Kramer as Baby Grier
  • Peter MacNeill as Emmet Grier
  • Meg Tilly as Evelyn Grier


Hetty King: Idle tongues make idle gossip.

Gus Pike: You know what my mother used to say? About carrying a burden? At first, it'll weigh you down, but soon or later, it'll make you strong.

Gus: If you carry somebody else's burden for them, don't ever expect them to get strong enough to carry on without you.

Janet King: You know, Hetty King, you are often a remarkable woman.

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