Episode 5 is the fifth episode of Anne of Avonlea.


Anne leaves for Kingsport to begin her first term at Redmond with old friends Jane, Gilbert, and Charlie. Meanwhile, Diana submits Averil's Atonement to a baking competition and Ruby reaches out to Anne after falling ill.


Anne says an emotional goodbye to Marilla, Rachel, Davy, and Dora, as Diana drives Anne to the train station to begin her journey to Nova Scotia. Jane, having traveled ahead, meets Anne at Kingsport station and takes her to their lodgings in Old St. John, where their landlady, Mrs. Campbell, is very particular about the cushions. After enrolling at Redmond, Anne and Jane take a stroll in Old St. John's Cemetery where they make the acquaintance of Philippa Gordon, who soon becomes a firm friend.

In the meantime, Davy and Dora arrive back at Green Gables after skipping Sunday School where, under Mrs. Lynde's scrutiny, Davy beings to regret his actions after spinning a web of lies. Later that night, Marilla discovers Davy hiding in a barn and reassures him after he confesses to his wrongdoings.

Anne returns to Avonlea for the summer after coming second overall in college exams and settles back into village life. One evening, Anne receives a mysterious letter informing her that Averil's Atonement has been accepted for publication and Diana, delighted at the news, announces that she entered the story into the Rollings Reliable competition. Anne pretends to be thrilled for Diana's sake but Gilbert later discovers Anne feeling sorry for herself on the porch of Green Gables, where he comforts her and persuades her to attend Ruby's party. After having grown estranged, Anne is initially cold towards Ruby but becomes concerned after Ruby urges her to visit often and Charlie uncouthly informs her that Ruby is dying from consumption. As the summer fades away, Anne visits Ruby one last time before returning to college and, as Ruby breaks down and confesses she is afraid to die, Anne promises to write often.

Anne, Jane, and Philippa begin the new school year in Patty's Place after having secured it from Maria and Patty Spofford the previous term. After a failed attempt at chloroforming a cat and Aunt Jimsie's arrival, the friends soon settle back into Redmond life. Patty's Place becomes the place for social affairs after Philippa becomes acquainted with a shy, young minister called Jonas Blake and Charlie proposes to Anne who, after a heated exchange, yells at him to leave. One stormy day, Anne meets the dashing Roy Gardner, who comes to her aid during the bad weather and later sends her a bouquet of flowers.

Meanwhile, Marilla visits Ruby on her deathbed and finds her at peace with her fate after receiving a letter of friendly comfort from Anne. Ruby declares that she is happy and no longer afraid to die, and hopes that Anne will be as happy in this life as she knows she will be in the next. Later, Marilla writes to Anne to inform her of Ruby's death and Jane comments that she will miss Ruby’s laughter.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Peggy Ledger as Miss Patty
  • Gabrielle Blunt as Miss Maria
  • Steve Preston as Young Man
  • Philip Fowler as Young Man


Costumes: Joyce Rixon Macken
Designer: Antony Thorpe
Director: Joan Craft
Film Cameraman: Phil Meheux
Film Editor: Alastair MacKay
Film Sound: Stan Nightingale
Makeup: Christine Beveridge
Music Arranged by: Ed Welch
Music Played by: Jim Hughes
Producer: John McRae
Script Editor: Alistair Bell
Studio Lighting: Peter Catlett
Studio Sound: Alan Fogg
Writer: Elaine Morgan


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  • This episode reaired on January 30, 1977, on BBC.


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