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Episode 3 is the third episode of Anne of Avonlea.


Anne begins to neglect her friends as she prepares to entertain the famous author, Charlotte E. Morgan at Green Gables. Meanwhile, the A.V.I.S. battles against Judson Parker's proposed advertisement scheme, and Anne and Diana come across a mysterious house called Echo Lodge while lost in the woods by East Grafton.


Mr. Harrison arrives at Green Gables to check the bottom of the well for the missing Dora, to no avail and much to everyone's relief. Anne comforts Marilla in the kitchen while Mr. Harrison innocently comments that he has not seen Dora since she walked past his house earlier in the morning with her brother. Davy, who until this point had been lingering in the doorway, quickly flees the scene and Anne, with her suspicions, proposes to search next door. Anne and Mr. Harrison arrive at the latter's house where they hear Dora's faint cries for help. Anne runs over to one of the outhouses and releases Dora, who has been left terrified and alone for many hours. Dora confides in Anne that it was Davy who locked her up and ran away.

That evening, Marilla searches Green Gables for Davy and discovers him, feeling sorry for himself, in one of the barns. She marches him back into the kitchen where Anne expresses her disappointment in him for telling so many lies, but softens when Davy begins to cry at the prospect of being sent away to live with his Uncle Richard.

The next day, Anne receives a letter from Priscilla informing her that she will be bringing Charlotte E. Morgan to dinner on Saturday, much to her delight. Gilbert calls an emergency A.V.I.S. meeting to relay to the group that Judson Parker plans to sell advertising space to medical companies on his fences, but Anne is too distracted by Charlotte E. Morgan's impending visit to listen. Gilbert suggests canvassing Mr. Parker with Anne on Saturday, but Anne expresses her regret that she already has plans with Priscilla. Gilbert is annoyed by Anne's apparent lack of interest and quickly accepts Ruby's offer to go with him instead, which irritates Anne.

That evening, Anne and Diana begin to plan an elaborate meal for Charlotte E. Morgan's visit. When Diana leaves the room, Marilla takes the opportunity to draw Anne's attention to how upset Davy has become over her special treatment of Paul Irving but Anne is, once again, too distracted to listen.

The next day, Anne visits Mr. Harrison to borrow two ornamental vases for Charlotte E. Morgan's visit but she finds him to be in a very disagreeable mood due to the fact that Anne has been too busy to visit him over the author's anticipated visit. Meanwhile, over at Green Gables, Mrs. Lynde visits Marilla to examine the spread laid on for the party, lectures her on what "city folk" do and do not like, and proceeds to invite herself along for the next day, much to Marilla's irritation.

On Saturday morning, Diana and Jane arrive to help Anne with her preparations and Mrs. Lynde makes her grand entrance wearing a bright pink frilly dress, which only adds to Marilla's exasperation over the whole affair. Sadly, Anne's carefully planned day descends into tragedy, as Davy destroys both the lemon pie and Mrs. Barry's willow-ware platter, while Anne, Diana, Marilla, and Jane all add a spoonful of sugar to the pot of peas, making them inedible, and a telegram arrives from Priscilla stating that Mrs. Morgan is unable to come to dinner after all, which leaves everyone disappointed. Meanwhile, Gilbert and Ruby try, unsuccessfully, to get Mr. Parker to rethink the advertisements on his fences and leave disappointed.

The following day, Paul arrives at Green Gables to give Anne a fossil he found down at the cove. Anne thanks him and inquires after his fossil collection, to which Paul replies dejectedly that Mary Joe disposed of them. Davy arrives in the kitchen excited for the day's picnic with Anne but storms out again as soon as he spots Paul. Anne follows Davy outside and attempts to reason with him, promising not to invite Paul to the picnic if he is so set against the idea.

Anne, Davy, and Dora enjoy a spring day's outing walking, rowing, and fishing in the countryside, which Paul watches wistfully from a distance. Later, Anne takes a short stroll, while the twins amuse themselves, and comes across Judson Parker discussing the upcoming election with another man. When he spots Anne he leaves flustered. Anne grins at her opportune moment as she now has a hold over Mr. Parker.

Back at Green Gables, Rachel arrives to break the astonishing news to Marilla that a mysterious woman has arrived at Mr. Harrison's house and she intends to investigate. Mrs. Lynde arrives next door and confronts the stranger, only to learn that she is in fact Mrs. Harrison, and is appalled when Mrs. Harrison accuses her of being the lover of her husband, whom she had read about in the newspaper. Mrs. Harrison drags Mrs. Lynde inside, where a very amused Mr Harrison plays along that Mrs. Lynde is his betrothed. Rachel soon clears her name and becomes friends with Mrs. Harrison. The next day, in part due to Marilla's curiosity, Anne arrives at the Harrison household to return the vases that where on loan to her and, like Rachel, quickly befriends Mrs. Harrison.

Meanwhile, Anne and Diana take a trip to Ella Kimball's in East Grafton but find themselves lost in the woods. They come across a secluded house by the name of Echo Lodge, where they make the acquaintance of Miss Lavendar and Charlotte IV and stay for tea.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Barbara Angell as Mrs. Harrison
  • Denis de Marne as Jerry Corgoran (uncredited)[1]


Costumes: Joyce Rixon Macken
Designer: Antony Thorpe
Director: Joan Craft
Film Cameraman: Phil Meheux
Film Editor: Alastair MacKay
Film Sound: Stan Nightingale
Makeup: Christine Beveridge
Music Arranged by: Ed Welch
Music Played by: Jim Hughes
Producer: John McRae
Script Editor: Alistair Bell
Studio Lighting: Peter Catlett
Studio Sound: Alan Fogg
Writer: Elaine Morgan


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