Elizabeth Grayson was the daughter of Pierce Grayson who lived at the Evergreens.


Early lifeEdit

Elizabeth was born on March 5, 1879 to Pierce Grayson and his wife. Her mother died not long after Elizabeth's birth. Pierce was devastated and gave Beth to her great-grandmother, Mrs. Campbell who lived at the Evergreens, Summerside. Little Elizabeth was raised there and lived with her great-grandmother and the Woman.

Friendship with Anne ShirleyEdit

Anne Shirley, on her arrival at Windy Poplars, had wanted to meet Elizabeth. Martha Monkman, or 'The Woman', as little Elizabeth often called her came to the Windy Poplars gate every evening to get the cow's milk from Rebecca Dew for Elizabeth, at the doctor's request. But one evening Anne brought the milk and Elizabeth herself was there to get it. Anne's impression of Elizabeth was that she was more of a moonbeam than a sunbeam, but Anne liked her.

Elizabeth was a fanciful child, always living in hope for Tomorrow to come.

"And Miss Shirley, when Tomorrow comes, I shall have a million dogs and forty four cats."
—Elizabeth to Anne Shirley[src]

Elizabeth's world of Tomorrow was filled with delightful things... an elephant park, and sundry else. All of which were frowned on by the Woman and Mrs. Campbell, Elizabeth's great-grandmother.

Anne and Elizabeth, being kindred spirits, struck up an acquaintance. Elizabeth loved Anne wholly, with all of her childish heart, and Anne returned the favour. As time progressed, the two began to know each other more, and Anne found out all about Elizabeth's life. Anne was concerned about the way that Mrs Campbell and 'The Woman' were treating her, having a starved heart for love.

Anne, slowly but surely, managed to convince Mrs. Campbell to let Elizabeth do many things the girl wanted to do, but previously had not been able to. One of Elizabeth's favorite things to do with Miss Shirley was to walk on the road down to the harbor mouth, but they never had enough time to walk it fully. Finally, Anne triumphantly took Elizabeth away to Green Gables for a two week vacation. Little Elizabeth, or, Miss Elizabeth as she had asked to be introduced as, loved Green Gables, and thrived there.

After Anne had returned back to Windy Poplars, she decided that she would write to Elizabeth's father, and tell him that there was a very lonely child who needed love waiting for him. But there was no reply, and Anne became worried.

One day, Anne convinced Mrs. Campbell to let Elizabeth go with her on a errand to the Flying Cloud, a separate island, and then down to the harbour mouth. On the way back, Elizabeth was knocked down by a team of runaway horses and Anne took her back to Flying Cloud, where both met Pierce Grayson, Elizabeth's father. After receiving Anne's letter, Pierce decided to take Elizabeth. He had stopped at Flying Cloud, as it was the summer home of his General Manager.

Travels with Pierce Grayson Edit

"She has had a good home here."
Mrs. Campbell to Anne

After finding his daughter, Pierce Grayson immediately took her home with him in Boston. He was very grateful to Anne, saying he did not realize she was no longer a baby nor what her environment was like. Mrs. Campbell and the Woman were very dour over it all.


Physical appearanceEdit

"She is small, pale, golden and wistful. Her eyes, looking at me through the autumn twilight, are large and golden-hazel. Her silver-gold hair was parted in the middle, sleeked plainly down over her head with a circular comb, and fell in waves on her shoulders."
Anne Shirley describing Elizabeth in her letter to Gilbert Blythe.[src]


Elizabeth is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means God's promise or God is my oath.

Behind the scenesEdit



  • Emmeline Harris from Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (1987) is based on Little Elizabeth.
  • In Anne of Windy Poplars, it is stated that Elizabeth shares her birthday with Anne. Since Anne's birthday is March 5, Elizabeth's must also be March 5.


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